Have to see it! 9/10

I just ended watching the 1 season. Its been great! I dont really like spanish series because, in my opinion, find them dull and not interesting.

I am huge fan of horror/thriller movies and gave this a try.

On the trailer its all about a haunted house...but its not. It has many other subjects to play with and Thats the great thing! At start, its slow but the script gets enriched after the second episode.

Well, as you might guessed, I dont want this post to be a "spoiler" ;)

Acting, the filming and script are great! Hope you give it a try watching it!




I think it is a good TV show, at least as a Spanish TV show.

The problem is that there are too many storylines: a mix of ghosts, kidnappings, sex, crazy people, possession... Too much for me!

Maria Cotiello and Marina Salas are great and they do a very good job, but the whole cast is quite acceptable.

Anyway, I think it's very good for a Spanish TV show.