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I'm not against the idea of female Ghostbusters...

...just against a movie with really bad sexist jokes and jabs against men, and just a generally lame remake throughout.


But even that wasn't true to form.

A real sequel...a Ghostbusters III should have happened up until the point of the death of Harold Ramis.

The whole female only gimmick just came off as lame and way to P.C. And even if that wasn't the intention it just appeared that way.

People saw through the B.S the studio attempted pushed and I think it caught them off guard.


They waited too long to make another movie to the point where Ramis is no longer around and the other guys are too old.

If you want a female lead in a genre movie it's best to go with a guy/girl cast.


Makings jabs about men isn't actually raising expectations too high as just attracting ridicule.

Ghostbusters Afterlife has a girl buster so we weren't against the idea of female Ghostbusters, it's probably because not many people are fans of half of the lead actresses, they don't like the sight of them at all or just care about them, maybe because they're loud or a superficial thing none of them are hotties for young boys don't know what it is can't put my finger on it.


It's one of those remakes/reboots to a film that really can't be improved upon.


True, and that's the one kind of movie that should NEVER be remade! Ndver remake the movies that got everything right the first time around!

And if they wanted an all-female version, it should have been a spinoff and not a remake. With a better script.