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could have been better

the movie had a unique focus and the storyline, although bit predictable, was realized nicely. i still couldn't stop feeling self-conscious throughout the movie, because of the obvious lack of chemistry between the characters, mostly the gang members. they seemed very self conscious themselves and ended up acting too loud.only olivier seemed comfortable.and i must say, i little back-story on the protagonists would've made it stronger.and a little snip-snip here and there, trimming the sequences that were supposed to be fast and intense...the rape sequence was perfect though.
i hope i don't sound like a smart-ass :-/ browsing the board, i do feel alone in this...


Yeah, you are alone in your opinion; this is a very good film for a first time director only 21 years old, 100 times better than %99 of gay themed films out there.

"IMdB; where 14 year olds can act like jaded 40 year old critics...'