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Jonno(Tom Bott) made this movie worth the watch

Overall, I would've downrated this movie because it was quite bad, except for the character Jonno, played by Tom Bott. That character is one of the best performances I've ever seen both in terms of the actor playing it and how well it is scripted.

The bottom line that is inferred is that Jonno actually wanted to have sex with Cal because he was gay deep down. Evidence to this is subtle but is present throughout the movie, from the initial intent eye contact between the two at the party, to when they were in the car and Jonno seemed ever so slightly hurt/upset when Cal told Nessa he'd be there in 5 minutes(breaking up their moment), to how Jonno saw the others about to go after Cal and stab him and was upset and wouldn't participate but wouldn't stop them either because of the gang mentality, to how Jonno couldn't have sex with Nessa after he'd had the image of two men having sex in his head from Cal's computer (basically that it was real and it was possible), to how he didn't deny Cal's accusations of him being gay but just got more upset, to how upset he got at Cal asking him "Is there anyone here you haven't *beep* as if his *beep* other people was itself the betrayal, and finally to actually *beep* him and breaking down while *beep* him (which I read into as him wanting it but not wanting it like this, which is why he'd break down).

This is all supported by how hard Cal suppressed his homosexuality and refused to even kiss other guys or ever admit it out loud, serving testimony to the environment they grew up in.

The acting and scripting was just so on point that I was absolutely impressed. It's a shame Tom Bott isn't more famous than he is now. Praise for this performance.