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I actually like this show

I really like The Soup, and the more the merrier, so I'm happy that there's another show that's similar to it. The way I see it, I can watch The Soup for the testosterone-packed humor, and The Dish for my estrogen dose. For instance, I LOVE the "Worst-Dressed Celebrities" section in magazines, and The Dish provides that sort of thing, while The Soup doesn't.

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Agreed, only today I learned of "The Dish", and after watching 30 seconds I was all, like, how can any guy NOT like "Topanga" mixed together with Joel McHale... it's like all the funny you're so easily addicted to, but now with extra cute!

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I think The Dish has been getting funnier lately, using better clips and jokes. Hope they keep up the good work!

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I like this as a nice compliment to go with the Soup, Danielle does a great job of really going for it.

Also it seems like she's really having fun while making the show which helps.