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its sad if this did happen to such a selfish person

That kind of gift is meant for someone who is selfless and understand that we are all connected and we must love and take care of each other. But instead the gift was was bestowed on someone who seems to only care about himself why me, what doe this mean for me, his girlfriend was even worse, it makes me feel uncomfortable. They really came off as just two very self centered self bastards, who just seem to think the world revolves around them.

So you are probably asking so what is the right thing to do?

Those in the past who have awaken, use that gift to heal and help his brothers and sister, they use that gift to console and comfort others in a completely selfless way. if you have a gift like that you must serve, you must serve and gift up your own life for the benefit of everyone else. And by benefit I mean to offer guidance and wisdom to those with out that gift.

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i understand what you are saying but its got to be really hard for them. Imagine waking up and having this happen to you. Its a lot to handle you couldnt help thinking about yourself and your own life.



I COULDN'T AGREE MORE! If (and that is truly a BIG "if") this guy actually does posses anything supernatural how in the world could one be SO resistant to opening up to it? To be chosen, to be communicated with...? This "film" had interesting information that I happen to be open to but the main person portraying himself as "special" has not convinced me at all! It's a shame that he is smearing himself all over very REAL sciences. Sorta pisses me off actually...

One second the guy is talking about "having NO fear of death" and what happens to us in the hereafter... That he isn't afraid because we go on etc... If he is SO AT PEACE with this divine knowledge, if he is SO at peace with not dying then WHY is he so resistant of pursuing his gift? <--- Because he is LYING!

That really is what it is all about, isn't it?... The "not knowing" what happens to us when we die... It ALL boils down to fear of the unknown when we die, this is why we CLING to our faiths, it is why we curse God when things don't make sense... For this man to say he has "answers" and "peace" about God, Angels, Demons, the hereafter...etc... Is a joke!

This man appears to be a whiny, spoiled guy from an adoptive family. He is a MAN CHILD, pouting about being an only child, pouting about being adopted, pouting about having to get a real job, trying to be artistic and forcefully self proclaiming this "gift" that he casually dismisses as a burden (all the while "searching for answers.")

He seems very selfish and a bad actor... *smiling in the dark* "Oh it's crazy man I was just talking to my Grandma and I tried to fight it but she was all "Hey" and I was all "Granny!!!" LOL... Wow...Really? Also only a douchebag doesn't take his hat off (especially as a guest) at a social table gathering... Nice homeless attire too... His girlfriend was annoying too... If he is SO hard to be with then just be friends and move on.