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Fake? Doubt it..., but you need to understand

I 109% -believe what he talks about experiencing is very real and can happen.

For.example we he talks about hearing or trying to understand messages. What people don't understand (who don't believe in Mysticism/unexplained)--when people can hear messages, "outsiders" don't get what that means.

Best example is when you hear a Christian say they "heard G-d speak to them." It's nit the same as hearing a TV set/friends talk over dinner.

Yet, at the same time it kind of is. When you meditate(others call pray)--you can tune into things you ignore on a daily basis.

If you SLOW DOWN forget the external world..for example someone pointed out his Mustang...that is PRECISELY WHAT is wrong.

You should be more aware of what things around you are trying to tell you.

If you STOP worrying about the "world"-focus on what THE MEANING OF your experiences will change your life for the better.

If you can learn to live *every single moment*--understand right NOW..inside of [..this tiny 3-seconds to read ]

Every emotion, sensation, feeling-your life will be so much better. It's not easy AT's precisely why people go to rhe woods, Buddhism is about letting go and takes years, if not even BEGIN to understand enlightenment.

It's not our job to "figure out"-hus truth or not.

However as he said in the evening---it all points to G-d--sinething larger than our own self.

Also, it is absolutely to be expected that thus would start around a crisis/breakung point in his life (that is to stereotype of conversion).
;Pivotal Circumstances"- are intended to rattle you to AWAKENING.

Also, it is NOT COINCIDENCE..his Girlfriend was brought to him like she was.

There is no such thing as Coincidence. EVERYTHING has meaning. Uc you learn HOW ti listen, you'll receive answers ALL THE TIME.

Just like the Shaman/Native American tild him, be careful your antennas are UP/Awake.
Now, imagine the beauty of that 24/7

:-) it makes life 1000% "fun".



Just like the Shaman/Native American told him, be careful your antennas are UP/Awake.
Now, imagine the beauty of that 24/7

As a seventh generation shaman,spirit conjurer I don't have the gift of 'Spirit Sight', like the person in the film,instead my family 'feel' these energies,colors,intelligences,etc. We have always utilized our gifts to help our community, as well as those not of our community. As far as it being beautiful,unfortunately,that is not always true.

There are times I have felt HUGE masses of black and negative energy around people, and IF you have the gift and you are nearby, it feels as if that malignant energy tries to attack you, you actually feel the extreme hate that entity feels for you.

I live in the Bronx, and this is my DAILY experience, there are too many people in the world that have no idea how to spiritually protect themselves,often 'carrying' CENTURIES of displaced negative energy or confused co-existing intelligences either from past lives, or disembodied spirits that have 'hitched' a ride.

In New York City, for a spiritual being like myself,this city can either be HORRIFYING or a Spiritual Disney Land (for me its the latter). We all live in a world were EVERYONE pretends that the spirit world, the world of ether,does not exist,yet we see signs of its existence EVERYDAY. Trust me - the spirit world is HUGE and vast,making the physical world about as small as a shoebox

As far as the young man,he needs to keep seeking knowledge to improve his gift and how that gift can be used to help creation. To NOT do so, means he will live a VERY miserable life; drug addiction, depression, anger, restlessness, thoughts of self destruction,etc.

Been there before. He has a LOT of work ahead,but the end result is so profound,each moment of tears and frustration will seems like bliss once he gets to the point he understands his gift.

MOST of all, the WORST thing he can be concerned with is WHAT OTHERS THINK. He needs to get that out of his mind. MOST people have GREAT ignorance toward the spiritual aspects of creation,and I shy away. Explaining what I see and feel on a daily basis to a person such as that, would be akin to explaining astrophysics to a gold fish. I keep my mouth shut - heal where I am needed and live by example.

Thanks for the comment - Be Blessed

I wish him well.