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creepy presence shown with the electromagnetic thing?

it's been at least a year since I watched that and that scene is pretty much the only one I remember of the whole thing. I'm about to rewatch it to see that part again.

part of me can just pass that off as some sort of anomaly, or, even didn't happen at all and they could have just decided to add that to the doc for the wtf factor.

I have no issues with the guy otherwise; it doesn't piss me off or make me think he's a douche. if he feels like he's learning something positive from this and it doesn't interfere with his enjoyment of life or safety, well, who cares what he claims to see. His perception is his reality, though being in the medical field I don't understand how he manages to escape a diagnosis of some sort of schizotypal or bipolar disorder. at any rate, he isn't hurting anyone, I don't think...?

but what was that thing in the room with him!? lol, clearly that part got to me. I feel like a sucker. :)