A new World Cup simulation

I already made one a few months ago,but now we're getting closer to the World Cup,so some things may have changed. So i'm doing a new "fantasy World Cup". The previous one i theorized England as the winner,lets see how this one will go:

1st Phase:
Group A: 1- Netherlands 2-Senegal 3-Qatar 4-Ecuador
Group B: 1-England 2-USA 3-Wales 4-Iran
Group C: 1-Argentina 2-Mexico 3-Poland 4-Saudi Arabia
Group D: 1-Denmark 2-France 3-Australia 4-Tunisia
Group E: 1-Germany 2- Spain 3-Japan 4-Costa Rica
Group F: 1-Croatia 2-Belgium 3- Canada 4-Morocco
Group G: 1-Brazil 2-Serbia 3-Switzerland 4-Camerun
Group H: 1-Portugal 2-South Korea 3-Uruguay 4-Ghana

Round of 16:
Netherlands-USA = Netherland
England-Senegal = England
Argentina-France = Argentina
Denmark-Mexico= Denmark
Germany-Belgium = Germany
Croatia-Spain= Spain
Brazil-South Korea = Brazil
Portugal-Serbia = Portugal

Quarter finals:
Winner Match 1 (Netherlands) vs Winner Match 3 (Argentina) = Argentina
Winner Match 5 (Germany) vs Winner Match 7 (Brazil) = Brazil
Winner Match 2 (England) vs Winner Match 4 (Denmark) = England
Winner Match 6 (Spain) vs Winner Match 8 (Portugal) = Spain

Argentina-Brazil = Brazil
England-Spain = Spain

3rd place final:
Argentina-England = Argentina

1st place final:
Brazil-Spain = Brazil

Champion: Brazil!


Looks like England have an easy ride to the semi-finals ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


If they win their group,yes!


It could go like that. France is champion in charge so in these cases teams rarely do well,also they will probably miss Pogba and Kante'. The semifinals are hard though: Argentina/Brazil could go either way! But i guess that who will win that semifinal will be the favorite team in the final.


A Portugal-Argentina final can happen! We'll see if it happens.


Many surprises in this World Cup! By the way now i think that possibile finals might be: Argentina-France or Argentina-Portugal,or Brazil-France!