One of the reviews asks why they speak both French and Flemish as it does not serve any purpose for the film.

It could be :

a. To show the mother's alienation and/or
B. Because the director wanted these specific actors


The director of My Queen Karo is Belgian, so she comes from a bilingual country and society (French + Flemish, which is quite the same as Dutch). Since we have a Belgian storyteller, it is probably her perspective.

Amsterdam - where Karo and her parents live - is ofcourse a Dutch city and since or even before the 17th century an international community. Firstly for tradesmen and fugitives, since the 1960s also for the young beatnik and hippy generation, i.e. Karo's parents. From all countries they came to the Netherlands (to Amsterdam).

BTW, I'm Dutch, born in the sixties, the same age as or perhaps a year than Karo. My childhood was totally different, though.

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