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Better than Most MCU and DCEU Movies

There is something fishy going on with the way critics favor Disney films, methinks

It's no secret that Marvel wants to re acquire all of their IPs, and now that Disney has devoured Fox like Galactus swallowing a planet, the only thing standing between the MCU and a near-monopoly is Sony owning the Spider Man universe. I wouldn't be surprised if, thanks to Disney's fat wallet, the reviews for this film were written before the movie was ever screened

This was an awesome movie. Harkens back to the old days when superhero movies could poke fun at themselves and be more than 2 hour previews to a "crossover event".

Yes it was cheesy at times. Yes the writing was far from perfect. But damn if it wasn't a lot of fun. I didn't feel like we missed out on much by having this turned into a PG-13 movie. We still got some foul language, some violent deaths, some edginess. All that was missing was nudity and gore. And Tom Hardy made Eddie Brock so likable. His character is more relatable and easy to root for than most other superheroes. And the relationship between Eddie and Venom is brilliant, because it's like you get two heroes in one. But one has the moral conscience, the other has the superpowers. And they're both losers, but together they make each other great

The critics are complete morons if they couldn't enjoy this film. Venom is not a super complex character. This was never going to be a Dark Knight or a Black Panther. But for what it was, it was fun as hell. I cannot wait to see the sequel