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World premiere on September 5th!

Grandrieux's site sent out an email today and apparently this film has its world premiere on September 5th in the Venice film festival! I'm so jealous of anyone who can see it there... I can't wait... Does anyone know of other festivals it will be shown at?


Apparently it received the "Special Mention Prize at the Orizzonti Awards" in the Venice film festival! It is strange that there's so little information to be found on the web about this film...


I saw it during the Era New Horizons film festival in Poland this July (my coverage here: pressions/).

It divided the audience. Lots of people believed it was the best movie in the new horizons competition. The rest (including me) found it irritating and empty.
I guess with those kind of movies you either get it or not. It's about getting into the pictures, feeling teh climax. If it doesn't happen, you are left with one big emptiness and this was the case with me (even though I often enjoy experimental movies - the whole ENH festival is focused on such films).


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