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The hydra... (Spoilers)

There's something that I don't get.

When the hydra appears during Iolaus's retelling of Hercules's labors, it's a genuine monster and Hercules fights it by himself. Later, in a flashback, it's revealed that the "hydra" was actually a group of bandits(?) disguising themselves as snakes. "The masks of serpents. No wonder men thought they were monsters." Then, in the closing credits, we see Hercules's team helping him to defeat the genuine monster.

So, is the hydra a genuine monster or not? I get the feeling that the CGI in the closing credits was an afterthought. It creates a continuity error when they reveal that the hydra wasn't really a monster, but then later reveal that it was a monster brought down by a team instead of Hercules himself.


Maybe it was a more accurate 'retelling' of Hercules vs the 'snake' bandits, because (like the night time fight in the beginning of the movie) , it wasn't just one man against them, but his friends with him.



Maybe it's both? Two scenarios come to mind for this happen:

1. While Hercules and friends fought the Hydra, they also had to fight what may possibly be its worshippers. Hercules and friends only recovered the heads of the worshippers.

2. Perhaps the Hydra is more like something akin to a type of werewolf who's actually wears a magical wolf skin in order to transform, but it's actually multiple people wearing multiple magical snake skins merged into one multi-headed entity. After Hercules and friends slay it, they find that the creature had reverted back into its true form, which is several men wearing magical snake skins.

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