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Just wanted to bump this because the Right is pushing the reset button and trying it all over again.

Domestic terrorists are real. Islamic ones, not so much.

There is ample evidence that Al Qaeda is a creation of the US intelligence apparatus and that the terror network is supported by the Bush Administration.

It's a good documentary. Unfortunately it was censored in the US (by the "Freespeech conservatives") until 2009 but it originally came out on BBC in 2004.

The Power of Nightmares: Baby It's Cold Outside

You can watch this documentary here.


GlobalResearch is a fucking conspiracy site! You are an idiot.

This is NOT a documentary, it denies groups like ISIS. Imdb storyline:

The most frightening of these is the threat of an international terror network. But just as the dreams were not true, neither are these nightmares.

In a new series, the Power of Nightmares explores how the idea that we are threatened by a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion.

It is a myth that has spread unquestioned through politics, the security services and the international media.


It didn't come from GlobalResearch. It came from the BBC. And it is a documentary, AND it was censored by the deep state (ie. conservative establishment) FOR FIVE YEARS in the United States because the Bush Administration was continuing their war of aggression based on LIES. They didn't want Americans to know the truth.

What's more Global Research is no more a "conspiracy site" than Foreign Affairs magazine is. It's simply the Canadian branch of the IR community. To an uneducated layman like yourself you wouldn't understand that, but their articles are all backed up and documented with proof. The only author on that site to be a bit wary of is Chossudovsky as he may be a Russian asset (like Trump was).

There are many more facts proving that Al Qaeda is fake and a total fabrication. Why do you think there is ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION of them any more? Because the lie is not serving the useful purpose anymore of "justifying" war and destabilizing oil markets.

The Al-Qaeda Myth

There's plenty more frail little flower.

An Enemy We Created: The Myth of the Taliban-Al Qaeda Merger in Afghanistan

THE TERRORISTS ARE AND ALWAYS WERE THE RIGHT WING IN THE USA! The conservative establishment married with the military industrial/oil and banking complex IS THE DEEP STATE! They are behind all wars, all the assassinations, all the un-natural disasters and failures after natural disasters and all the problems in the world!!! Think about all the Great people in our history who have been assassinated or imprisoned yet hailed in history! What did they ALL HAVE IN COMMON?!! That's right, they were all incredibly popular, believed in peace on nonviolence and all presented the greatest threat to the global elite and their war machine for oil that keeps us enslaved. And they were all LIBERAL.


Having read a few of your comments you are a thoughtful person, so I wonder what you find compelling about Adam Curtis's documentaries. When I first saw them I was really fascinated, but as I got to thinking about it, they didn't really make any sense. It was just a kind of Liberal, Progressive or Left-wing gibberish, which being a self-described all of those labels I did not think really did the point of view any good.

I think it's funny that we never get any serious documentaries from the real Right-Wing point of view. I guess they don't really want to let on what they are doing and what their long term goals are, so all we see are just extensions of Right-wing radio and TV nonsense.


Because the right-wing point of view is always gibberish. Lizard people? Flat Earth society? Bible more real than science? Seriously I know some of these people and they believed a violent military coup and dictatorship would be a good thing and some of them are broke ass sons of immigrants who want to live in Thailand because 52% of America sucks (ie. the women). *shrugs*

Have you seen Thrive and Loose Change?


> Seriously I know some of these people and they believed

You think your insular life experience and the feeling you get from some people you know can judge a whole group of people, and to what end?

To quote Thrive and Loose Change, which I saw when they came out.

Loose Change is irrelevant. It raises some good points that will never be solved and so makes no real sense to talk about unless you think chasing your tail is a good way to spend time. It makes a lot of sense that the 9-11 event had background implications to it, like the Kennedy assassination, but I don't believe it makes any sense to pursue trying to find the truth out about either of them, except maybe to follow the news and other people's opinions with interest.

Thrive is some rich kid trying to start his own new age movement, and the world just does not work that way. I found it overbearing and oppressive and basically stupid.

All of these movies/documentaries are exercises in emotional and cinematic manipulation, mind control. Some of them contain good ideas, but that doesn't necessarily mean that those good ideas fit nicely inside or imply that the documentary container they are presented in is the same as the ideas.


Check this out about Thrive.

My opinion is that the human mind seeks love, order, logic, and purpose and what we are fed by our societies is enough to get us to redirect to their priorities, which is why all these 'nothing' alternatives are so unsatisfying to any healthy halfway intelligent human being - and yet, that is all there is. That is all there is because the "establishment" removes other alternative from us, just like the structures they use to herd cattle done the chute into the kill chamber that they never see until the last moment.

Some people cannot live with such an overwhelming reality that they can neither escape from or live with, so they make a game of their live and escape into fantasy, cults, religion, drugs or whatever. Maybe most people, because as I've said in other comments there are no hooks out there for people to grab together and search for meaning and common humanity - it goes against the foolish stupid and selfish nature of those who get the meaning of their lives out of objectifying, using or killing other people in one way or another - our rulers.


You think the right are crazy then mention Loose Change! Marxist conspiracy theories.
Reptilians are not from the right, it's David Icke's psychotic episodes.