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Check out my Gulaal review

Please check out my Gulaal review.

If you like the film, you may like it too.
If you didn't you may want to re-watch it, anyways its your opinion as the review's mine. Also, you may also want to visit this:

Also, does any one know when the Dvd's gonna be out?



P.S. I won't hide the fact that one of the motives is publicizing my page, but I did not write the review for the page, but much before that.


I havent read your review but im sure if u watched and liked the movie even a little bit, ur not the average masala-happy ending crowd.

i love how the film is different from the usual commecial hindi cinema coming out these days.

though impressed by the backdrop, characters, dialogue, i feel the way the sotry shapes in the end is a bit 'filmy'

the movie had everything going its way and could be classed as a 'cult' or 'classic' im sure many ppl class it as tht, but the whole one guy madly in love kills so many ppl jus ruined it for me.

however the 'we want our own country' theme was very very realistic, and something that resonates in many parts of india.

id say the movie is worth a watch. for me it fell just short of a classic, but id surely recomment it to others.