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Not properly justified (SPOILERS ALERT)

Gulaal is a definitely one of those movies which impact you a lot. You cannot easily take out the story from your mind for a long time. While I did like the movie, I did not understand(or found hard to believe) a major turning point in the script.

Duki Bana(Kay Kay Menon) being caught in the same trap of Kiran(Ayesha) as others. Now it is clearly shown that he was aware that she only uses people. This is shown at two places(when Bhati(his loyal person) warns him that she is dangerous and he replies with "yes, yes, i know". The other place is after being shot at the end he discloses her evil intentions to Dileep. So, in spite of knowing everything and being a lot more experienced compared to Dileep, he still falls in her trap. This does not go with Duki Bana's character at all.

This changes everything in the end and I found this totally out of place and not justified.


Women are his weakness. Logic fails in front of such temptations. Hubris is when you think you won't be slayed by what slayed many before you. Very much his character.