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Significance of the eunuch/hijra (blue painted man) and Anuja in film.

Can someone help me find answer to two of my questions that I couldn't understand from the movie:

First, what was the significance of the that eunuch ( blue painted) character in the movie. Why he is was like that? what was the director trying to depict through that character.

Second, that teacher Anuja ( I hope i got d name right?) what was she doing in the movie, coming in and out in scenes. I couldnt find any significance of that character in the movie. It felt deliberate introduction of a abstract character for no reason.

So can someone help me explain these two characters.



The Hijra depicts the inner demons that Anurag Kashyap - the director, fights till date. As far as the teacher is concerned, she is in the movie because she is hot... simple...



I've never seen such a hare-brained thread in my whole life.

1) The hijra. I don't understand and I prefer saying that to 'the demons kashyap fights'.

2) Jesse Randhawa is the constant reminder of good to raj singh chaudhary, not only because of who she is but also because of her relationship with him, one of the only non-political relationships in the movie. And the movie doesn't make me feel that it would be right for the characterto smoke pot. And if she was there because she was hot, there would been more of her bare than her arm.


hijra character is introduced as a sidekick to his guru( the elder brother of dukki bana). hijra & guru are there to contrast the whole politics and the evil things going on in the movie with the what should be noble things.
I personally liked this technique by the film maker.

Anuja is there just to sex things up.


r u all crazy , the blue man was a reminder of the arts and tradition that was ignored while politicians fight over the identity of the people the rajputs and the one thing they have to be identified with is ignored and he girl i think u r right she is the one bright spot in the dark as hell bad land


i think we are on the same page. your analysis about hizra is part right as well as my analysis.
i dont think the girl can be termed as a bright spot but just a sane one. she did not do anything worthwhile to be called a bright spot but to her credit she did not get into any dirty business.


1. Teddy Maurya's character was NOT of a eunuch/hijra. It was "ardhnarishwar". Ask your family elders about the symbolism and context.

2. Read Igu_Soni's response.


The Hijra Character is not Hijra at all.

It represents the Ardhnarishwar form which means that the Man and Woman complete each other. It is a famous mythological form of Lord Shiva and Parvati coupled together as one body.

In the film it might depict the happenings around the Ardhnarishwar as part of life and that good and bad go hand in hand.


First , that's nor eunuch , its ardhnarishwar . Anurag is pure Indian at heart. He has great understanding of Indian's epics , folk tales , Hindu gods . He has used this character to make film look more interesting . Piyush Mishra and this character both are kind of silent narrators which keep portraying something with their acts .

The teacher in the movie is a part of story . Even though she liked the protagonist but he does not realizes it . He was only passionate about the other girl . This shows the true nature of the youth that they are only behind someone they love but they don't care about someone who loves them .


I was watching Ran(By Akira Kurisova) and found this character quite similar to the fool in the movie Ran.

Anyone else found such similarity??


Hi notofdisdimention,
I am glad you mentioned this as I found the similarity as well. I came to this message board after watching Ran to see if anyone else felt the same. Actually it is more of a Shakespearean thing. He often had the court jester in his tragedies which tell the truth as it is but in a way that adds humor or makes the irony apparent. Anurag who is very knowledgeable in theater must have gotten an inspiration from Shakespeare.