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I have a feeling this will be pretty bad.

I have a few reservations.

1. It appears to be a beat-for-beat remake of Twister. What's the point? Nobody was clamoring for a Twister remake.

2. It's essentially the same plot as the 96 film but with none of the excellent character actors to carry the movie. No names like Paxton, Hoffman, Elwes, or Hunt. Of the entire cast, the only actors I'm confident in is Glen Powell, who seems to be channeling Paxton. The other actors i know are Brandon Parea, who I literally only recognize as the weakest character in Nope, and the chick from Where The Crawdads Sing. Maybe there are some newfound gems in here but there is hardly a solid cast at all.

3. The CGI looked awful and worse than the CGI in the 96 film. That's just sad. And no, don't tell me the CGI "isn't finished" yet because that excuse has NEVER proven to be true. Remember when everyone was groaning at how bad the effects were in the trailers for Escape From LA and New Moon, and the studio said they just weren't finished yet, only to find out the effects were entirely finished and looked the exact same in the final film?

4. They were still filming Twisters as of late January. I figured they'd push it back by at least 6 months but no, apparently they're still aiming for that July release date. Even for an indie movie, that's a pretty quick turnaround. We're talking about a $250 million movie being scrambled together in four months??? I feel bad for all the people doing editing, special effects, and sound design, scrambling desperately on zero hours of sleep trying to assemble this nightmare.

5. The director has made good movies but he specializes in small family-driven indie dramas like Minari. How the hell was he hired to direct a giant action movie like this? He is a good director and I'm sure at least some of that will show in the final product, but this is a massive undertaking for a director who's never made a studio film before. I heard he was very overwhelmed by production and had to fly home to "recover" for a bit. This is the one element I have the most hope for turning out okay. I see it being an Amazing Spider-Man situation where a good indie director doesn't know how to make a good blockbuster.

6. The title is stupid. There were several twisters in the first film.

7. One of the big draws, according to the filmmakers, was that it "upgraded" the tornado-chasing technology to show the advancements in science since 1996. While some of that will probably be shown in the final film, the trailer shows us more of the same technology that was used 25 years ago. Dorothy is extremely outdated and bare-ass pickups and SUVs are still being used for stormchasing, according to the "modern science" of this film.

Who knows.


Starring Glen Powell as Cary Elwes.


Glen Powell is the protagonist here. Cary Elwes was the enemy. And a dick.


Yeah, you just give that vibe that Powell is a hot shot character who has to be humbled. So, I get he's the protagonist, you just get the feeling of the parallel with the first film.


I will say that, as I watched the trailer, he actually seems like a mash-up of Elwes' character and Paxton's. He's certainly more brash than Paxton was.