I wasn't impressed.

This show was cheesy, and it seemed to drag on and on. The regular Disney tv shows are funnier than this. This was just horrible.
I don't think I'll be watching this show again any time soon.

Peace.Love.Tight Pants. And Jonas.


I personally thought that Disney's usual trite humor ruined the Muppets' performances. I personally love The Muppets, but I thought the humor was marred by the cheesy "jokes". Had they not associated themselves with DC, I would've been happier.

I just don't understand why they teamed up. They didn't deserve to be put down to that level. Even Miss Piggy or Kermit couldn't save it.

However, that is just my opinion.
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i know wat u mean!
i hate how the henson company sold the muppets 2 disney
...its not right
the muppets will always belong the jim henson they way i c it!


well i love it.


Me too. I thought it was funny and clever.


Same here.

The Muppets and DC Stars deserved to be teamed up. The Muppets have already worked with almost every kind of celebrity imaginable (including "kid" stars as well as the "adult" ones) in the past, so this is no different.

To say that "young stars" like them should not be allowed to work with the Muppets is mean and discriminatory on every level.

And I, for one, have NO tolerance for some fans' "The Muppets should only be allowed to work with the grown-up celebrities" mentality--it's a very flawed mentality at best and not the kind of behavior that even Jim Henson would've approved.

NOTHING was "ruined" at all. Not even "Trite humor" (as the OP protested against) can EVER stop the Muppets.