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Wasn't henson studios done with disney?

I thought I read that the tie between disney and jim henson than why the show?

Also why do two episodes of something that apprently isn't going to be a regular show?

Diseny is so stupid sometimes.


That was a bad thing Jim Henson didn't leave The Muppets in the family with his son now The Muppets are Disney's slaves forever.


i'll say!!!
its not right the muppets belonging 2 disney



They are NOT stupid!!!

Also, Disney bought the Muppets from The Jim Henson Company in 2004 and they're doing A LOT better under Disney's ownership than they did before the Jim Henson Company sold them off.

Brian Henson wanted to sell off the classic Muppets for a long time.

And this is actually a very good time to be a Muppet fan, since the Muppets are actually making a HUGE comeback, thanks to Disney and the resources available to them.

Also, the Muppets are NOT "slaves" to Disney either, so to interpret it that way is wrong on every level!


Doing alot better yeah right Disney brings them out some times in a couple of years to do movie,video and tv. And how do you know Brian Henson really wanted to sell of The Muppets. You must be blind what Huge comeback I only saw a tv special on ABC and The Disney Channel. Jim Henson Company had them out all the time since they first started. Ok sorrry for the word " slaves " but Disney are treating them like that.


Sorry, Mr. Negative, but you are still wrong on every level!

End of story!


P.K You always wrong on every level.