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Anyone else watch the lesson learned special and...

was absolutely appalled by what the child psychologist said? He was the elderly man that stood up and a bit of a verbal fight ensused between himself, Dr. Drew and the parents. I wanted to scream at him that he had no idea what he was talking about. I don't mean for this to sound snooty but I am currently working on my PhD for psychology, and I plan on becoming a child psychologist for sexually abused children, and having just turned 25 (today actually)and spent more than half my life around children and taking care of children of all ages, I have to say that that man was a complete boob. He struck me(and this is just my opinion) as someone that studied a bunch of ancient books on children and the psychology of children and got his doctorate based solely on books instead of experience.

I think if you're going to enter any field where children are concerned that you should not only be well educated on the text book things but that you should also be well educated in personal experience in dealing with children. Like Dr. Drew and the parents said children are extremely resilent. It's actually amazing. They don't hold anything against anyone really especially when they're under the age of 5. I think the children in this experience have not gone through any tramua in participating in this experiment. Children go to daycare for 9 hours 5 days a week the only difference is in this experiment it was for 3 days 24 hours a day. But the parents were right there unlike in daycare. When children stay with relatives without their parents there, the children are still ok. Yes in that situation and in daycare there may be some seperation anxiety but it doesn't last for 9 hours, children get over it, most of the time it takes less then half an hour for a small child to get over the seperation. And they're just fine. Basically with daycare, like in this experiment, the teacher is that child's surrogate parent and treat the children as such.

I may be out of line but that doctor needs to either pick another area of the psychology field, or reevaluate his work and spend some hands on time with children.

That wasn't the only thing that bothered me about the special though, but if we talked about how I feel it's wrong to only blame the media for the problems of the youth today then people would literally be reading what I wrote for 24 hrs, and nobody wants to do that.This is enough already for imdb. I will just say something really quick- yes it's true that musicians and actors are role models for youth today and that do hold some responsibility with acting respectful in public, but I do not agree that everything should rest on their shoulders. These famous people are not parents to the troubled youth or the youth as a whole, I think the majority of the blame lies with the parents. Also, from what I know there is not one perfect person on earth and everyone makes mistakes, these celebs should be respectful but they don't walk on water and things happen.

I hate that because Angelina and Brad have 6 children they tend to use them as some messed up example of how not to be. They often neglect to mention that those are two of the most charitiable people on earth and the biggest thing is yes they may have alot of children but Angelina is in her 30's and Brad is in his 40's. Am I the only one that seems to remember that? I think although they aren't married they set a good example being so stable and being in their 30's and 40's when they started a family. Let's face it, marriage is nice, but it's not the be all and end all of everything and if a couple decides not to get married but have children when they're older that's their business. We shouldn't be shoving our morals down anyone's throat.

And people are all up in arms about the teens sleeping in the same bed together. I don't get it, every one of them were 18 or older. By law they are considered adults. Some people need to grow up and face reality, yes you may not agree with them sleeping in the same bed together but they are all adults and I'm pretty sure that everyone of them has had sex before, not to mention that they weren't even doing anything in the house. Everyone should be proud of these people, they went through this experience and came out clean. They learned things and learned about themselves and grew as people, no children were had, and except for Daton, they all stuck it out and didn't run back home to mommy and daddy.

Unfortuantly, the only negative thing that I really have to say about the show is...teenagers do not typically get pregnant and live in a nice 3 bedroom house in a cul-de-sac. Let's get some reality with that and give them an apartment. And not just make them go to work and get paid at the end of the day. But make them wait for their check for 2 weeks and then have to buy groceries, pay rent, and bills. They had it very easy compared to what real teenagers who have babies get. Morgan had it the closest when she became a single mom. You all know and I know that unless a teenage boy is completely responsible that he can pretty much just bounce at anytime and feel no obligation to the situation and child he helped create.

Ok, I'm ready for the backlash about my comments, I seem to always attract them.

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I really like this post. I remember sitting on the sofa wishing I was there to yell at that guy. He certaintly looks like the type to read about kids but not really interact. Also maybe he needs to come to the new century and re-evalute some of his ideas. He actually pretty much said at one point " We will see how damaged these little ones are when they come out." Like the kids would have lasting effects due to there 3 DAY STAY with someone. Kids are separted from their parents all the time. It normal and really healthy for a child to be away from there mom and dad for periods of time.

I completly agree with you about the media thing. I mean people are SO quick to play the blame game. A generation ago people blamed the radio or books, for problems they NOW blame on TV and video games. Really no one says "Jamie has a baby, so I want a baby". I feel like the world tries to make teens seem like they are stupid. Besides if parents and role models don't talk to their kids, they look for other ways to find out. Then the parents get mad when they have other ideas about life, and try to blame something else. It really bothers me.

The teens sleeping in the same bed isn't a big deal at all. They are 18 and I don't think they were getting busy with all those cameras around. Just because the want that whole "sleepover" feeling dosen't mean they are promoting sex. Once again people are blaming the media. UGH.

I think the only reason they had the nice house is because they wanted the parents involved to feel more comfortable or the wanted a secluded area(neighborhood) to do their filming. It might have been to complicated to get apartments or caused to many problems. I do think it would have been more realistic though.


I didn't read your entire post yet because I'm just watching the follow up show right now (tivo'd) so I'll come back.

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday!

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Thank you. What did you think of the special?

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace- Jimi Hendrix