This movie had charm

I watched this with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised by it. I really get tired of all the movie critics gauging everything like it's in the race for an Oscar. When I say movie critics, I don't mean actual movie critics that get paid to spout off their "I am so high society" crap about every movie that doesn't wow us with heart wrenching emotional turmoil. I mean all the people who come on here and talk like they are the second coming of the movie god (or the first coming for that matter).

This wasn't a movie looking to win awards for its writing, acting or special effects. It was a campy movie meant to simply entertain with shallow jokes and sub stories that are simply there to give the characters some dimension. Sure its not the most realistic movie ever. Who talks to their girlfriend while she is getting nailed by some other guy in the front of your own car? Who takes their mom to the strip club and has a lap dance while she is talking to the stripper??

Its silly fun and in my open minded, non arrogant opinion, this movie worked. It had a just enough in it to entertain the viewer. Romance, in a comedic fashion. Comedy in a simple form.

The problem lies in that most people tend to think their opinion is the be all and end all of opinions. I am not saying this movie is for everyone and certainly their will be people who don't like it. Its not a bad movie though when you look at what it seems to have been trying to to be. If you like hockey, and have a "real" sense of humor, then you will probably find something to like about it. If you don't care for hockey or think of yourself as sophisticated, then you probably won't enjoy this movie, but I really despise when people act like they know all about movies and stamp their opinion as fact.


It was not silly fun, it was just plain stupid. And, if someone wants to make a silly fun (fu_king stupid), film, then do it on your own dime, not with the limited funding that is available in Canada. I like hockey. I play hockey. I like to make fun of hockey. The person who wrote, the person who directed, and some of the actors, know very little or nothing about hockey. It reads loud and clear! THIS MOVIE WAS TERRIBLE!


I agree with you! It's not meant to be classy! I think most people are missing the point, and I thought the jokes were funny. But I'm a fan of good comedy, not spewed-out recycled crap. Even though the circumstances were sometimes unbelievable (as you described), I found it more "real" than most comedies. And it has heart -- like when the young guy tells off his mother. That was crushing and real. I don't see how a hockey fan who has played on a team couldn't appreciate the camaraderie and inside jokes at a teammate's expense. It was purposely silly and I really enjoyed watching it. Like "The Full Monty" it explored a group of men in a struggling economy banding together and trying to make a go of it, infused with humor. I wish I could reassure the filmmakers that there are people out there who appreciated their efforts!