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Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant

Just seen the last episode and now sit here sad that there is no more. So will have to find a way to watch them again.

Any news on an english subtitled box set?


I would add another brilliant on the end there, the best and most gripping I've seen in a long time. I started watching it almost by mistake on sky arts one night and got completely hooked.

Bad news on the English subtitles, you can get series 2 on dvd and bluray with English subtitles, but as far as I can tell, series 1 is only in Italian with no English option, please someone tell me if I'm wrong! I have checked everywhere. Only place I have seen English subtitles on series 1 is on the Sky Arts broadcasts and while it didn't spoil my viewing at all, they aren't the best. Am currently trying to get them safely off my sky box without losing too much quality. I would buy it tomorrow if I could.

Strangely not many people seem to have noticed it in the UK, I think subtitles put a lot of people off. Personally I would rather hear the actors real voice and read the subtitles than have it dubbed, even if done well. Besides, using another actors voice for Il Libanese would ruin it!

I've seen it called the Italian Killing which isn't fair, as while both are watchable they are completely different.


It deserved a much bigger audience but it needed to be on BBC3/4 to get it. I think the show was produced by Sky italia. So no chance of it going on the beeb.

Ha someone calling it the italian killing is just lazy (its foreign and its got crime in it, so italian killing wahey). If i had to compare it to anything, I would compare it to the wire.

If it comes on sky arts again i am going to have to junk a load of stuff and try and squeeze it on!!!


You're right, it needed to be on BBC3/4 to get it. However, I'm a bit surprised that the newspapers ignored this series almost completely. Guardian for example just a mention while I see they have a blog and articles for each episode regarding almost every series on BBC. Especially from Scandinavia and Spiral, to not mention the USA.


Yep, with you 100%. I caught it by accident one night too, and was absolutely hooked. It's no exaggeration to say that this is the best TV series I've seen since the days of 'The Monocled Mutineer' or 'The Boys from the Black Stuff'.