Mistake on Episode 1.1 ?

Does the script confuse the cast withthe real life banda Magliana?

When the 1970s action starts in flashback Libano's mum is making meatballs for him and Dandi. Bufalo appears outside tooting the horn of his car, as he needs them to help move the 50 stolen olivetti typewriters. Libanese asks his maw to put the dineer for him and Dandi in the fridge for later beacuse "they are helping Marcello with a move".

But Bufalo is Claudio Sabatini in TV land , based on Marcellone who is Marcello Colafigli

Did this slip by editing?


I think this is more a jab taken by the series writer towards reality, rather than a slip.

Libano lies to his mother, because she doesn't approve nor condone how he earns his keep, so in order to avoid the discussion, they make up a lie on the spot. Notice that the mother doesn't quite buy it, in fact she remarks towards Dandi in the next line "A move? Dressed like that?".

So they made up an excuse, why out of all the names they could pick they choose Marcello, well my explanation for that is in the ouverture of my post.