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A lot of style but a lack of substance.

Don't get me wrong. I quite liked it.

But to be honest then after watching 1992 then this was disappointing after reading all the reviews praising it to the high heavens on here.

You have to admit that the depiction of the police investigation was clumsy at best, and there were facepalm moments scattered throughout, my favourite one being Bufalo's escape after Dandi drove away.

I mean really, come on! The gunfight lasted at least four minutes and there was an old lady still standing there waiting to be taken hostage, and then he escapes via a fruit and veg market? Give me an effing break.

It was good, but merely good.

1992 was streets ahead of this, and Spiral is a notch above that.

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I think there was more depth than you're saying, but less than maybe some of the more exuberant reviews imply.

I did have a heavy facepalm (SPOILERS) when they go to raid the police station and, in the middle of the robbery, just take off their masks. Surprise, surprise, that comes back to haunt them later. Why remove masks in the middle of a heist? Ever?