Book vs Tv

In the book:

1) There is no robbery in the bank and in the Olivetti truck;
2) There are no murders inside tha gang who kidnap the baron;
3) Roberta in the book is introduced later;
4) There is no meeting between Libanese and Terribile before the gang starts the drug business;
5) Scialoja has no sisters;
6) There are no riots in the street of Rome in witch Scialoja joins;
7) Scialoja is not mentioned as "communist" every two seconds...;
8) There is no corpse to burn in the forest;
9) Terribile's gang is not after Libano's gang before the drug business starts and Gemito brothers doesn't ostacle the rescue of the moneys;
10) There is no incidents about Roberta, Gigio and his new Scooter;

to be continued...


The second series it's much more differente because they have covered a period longer than the book and add some new characters, which were real in life.
It's true, in the book there is no robbery in the bank but in reality there was and one of the main members of the gang (Nembo Kid)was shoot dead.
In the movie it was Il Nero although in reality it was not him but Nembo Kid. In the book/movie and miniseries Scialoja and judge Borgia are "invented" characters because they are a mix of two characters (for each) in the real life.

Howevere, it's a movie and a series TV, changes are made always. Something is added and something is left out if you compare it with the book. The important thing is that you can identify all the characters of the real gang and above all their story and a very important part of the history of Rome and Italy of those years.


Period longer than the book? Is it not the contrary? And also book continues after Dandi's dead.


If anyone ever reads this after so long, can anyone say what is the story line after Dandi is shot ? (Visited the scene of Renatino's shooting at Via Pellegrino this August). Secco is presumpted head of the banda after 1990 butnot sure if this only clear - or subjudice - since his 2012 arrest, after Cataldo's novel


I think some of those changes make the story stronger. I think, for instance, giving Libano a personal grudge against Terrible makes the two more interesting.

This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.


A few of these are debatable - for instance No.4

Libanese's girlfriend is an unnamed brunette, a policeman's daughter, she is sexually assaulted by Terribile's Gemito associates as depicted in the series. Rather than slice open his arm to the scar, Terribile urinates on Libano when this is happening. Libano never sees her again; there is no reunion as per the series

It is only told in a single short flashback paragraph which the screenwriters have obviously snowballed.

OP is correct that Libanese does not seek to engage a partnership with Terribile before staring drug running, but they do have the background 'meeting' above

Re 5 indeed Scialoja's connection to Sandra - surname Belli in the book - is not stated, does not say if a relative or former paramour. When the TV series made her into "Sandra Scialoja" , the Belli bit survived in that the Episode 1 riot starts in front of the eponymous poet's statue in Piazza Belli in Trastevere (just where the No.8 tram lands you immediately you cross the river)