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Two funny moments in this movie (spoilers)

This was an enjoyable movie.

One funny moment was when the daughter, Sarah/Emily Hirst came home and saw the two policemen and her babysitter, who were there to take her to the airport. Thinking they were there because she had gone missing, she said, "Okay I'll never skip out again" or something like that.

The other funny moment was at the end. For some reason there was a huge rush to get everyone away from the plane, I've no idea why. They were screaming 'medic medic' to get the help for the injured pilot, the soldier was getting the other father to rush to his wife with her baby, (okay he may have been exited to see his new baby), and then when the daughter rushed to hug her father, and the old woman (was that her aunt?) rushed to hug Leah/Daryl Hannah, for some reason the soldier shouted "Okay I hate to break this up be we've got to get away from here".

However as they all rushed off it didn't stop Leah/Daryl and Ryan/Dylan Neal from spending an hour passionately kissing right in front of the plane.

The 'over the top' moment was when Leah/Daryl was actually outside the plane, hanging on to net, and climbing back in ... only to slip and fall back ... only to climb back in again.

Overall this movie was lots of fun.