Luz's husband really pissed me off

He did everything but support her. He sees his wife falling apart and he pretty much shames her by calling her crazy. He should've stood by her no matter what she was going through. Some husband he was!


hola chica,
TRUST ME. Many feel as you do on him.

Each time many watch this in our NJ/PA area,where it happen tri-state area,many i know say same thing just UGH! lol
heck i have friends in cali,who watch it and feel same way.

Yet,a young aspiring senator"politician"of all people did believe her.

ALL IT TAKE is "1"simple CARING MAN/woman in "power"or cop or detective, or a student of sorts, etc.

SOMEONE to say,"YES"i believe you,and simply get to work on what is warranted especially when one's rights are involve,or child.familia. Who the hell will just give up like the jerk-ex husband did?SMDH.

i get the father "love the sons and delimar,i get it."

Pero...(but)he is wrong.he did not as mom astutely did,show his love by searching & looking/being a amateur detective, etc. to find out the actual truth i love it. SHE WAS INCREDIBLE, glad the mother sue and won$ for violations against i think the Fire Dept. and now has a much nicer,better life for her daughter and her and had moved.

She live in same area pennsylvania,i hear, pero "move in a nice lovely suburb"of nj/philly,pa and that is nice.The spouse and her did divorce,but he got to see delimar,naturally so that is nice but SHE get ALL THE CREDIT!

None go to him at all. jerk lol


Amo mi LMN,Soaps,I.D.Discovery.
TV Classic Shows...


OTOH, what are the odds of this turning out this way? I can totally understand hubby's frustration with wifey, borne of disbelief. Her intuition was right, and good on her -- and her daughter -- for that, of course! But he did not have that sense of things. Does that really make him bad? Or just mistaken?

What if it hadn't been Delimar? Then Luz would have been the one in the wrong, taking precious moments from her other children and wasting them on one who was really gone. How often does a missing child never return? How long should a parent hold on? How much time should they take from their other children for the missing one?

It's easy to judge things like this in hindsight; less easy in the grip of uncertainty. I have some sympathy for the father, too, who surely must have gone through his own kind of hell over this.