Luz Pull Delimar hair out,while yelling,that's my child? WTH SMH

ON LMN right now! i love this movie so good!


Remember,when we see Delimar at the party?
Would you have "done like the mom did,by yanking a piece of her hair for a blood test"
and tell everyone at the party,"Your delimar mother"or would u have done it more quietly.

I always was bothered by this part.Why would she do this. Even if i,as a parent would want to know immediate,there were better ways to do it more non-transparent.Luckily the Baby-stealin' no good lady did NOT"right away catch on,or she would have ran so far from the real mother."



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It probably wasn't the best way to handle the situation, but it's what she did. Really, can you predict how you would react when suddenly faced with such a choice and no time to think?

With a bit more time, she could have probably come up with a different approach. It was quick thinking to get the hair. The confrontation probably wasn't tactically smart, but understandable from an emotional person on the spur of the moment. As you say, it's good that the klepto-mom didn't catch on to the hair stunt!


Well you could force open her mouth and cotton swab it but she did it another way.

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