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This is an amazing movie

It was incredible, IMO...I was transfixed throughout. It effectively draws you into a world that gives you perspective on something that many probably consider a "been there, done that" topic...something they've given little thought to, if any at all. Most of us have been brought up in a world where this is old news, which is exactly what makes this movie a must-see IMO.

Whatever else it may offer, being able to better conceive of this task's enormity, understanding the bravery that was required, the know-how involved, the logistics of getting from a spinning planet to an orbiting moon, THAT was worth the ticket price alone. This movie was awesome in that regard...just chock full of awe.

Personally, I felt given the opportunity to experience a wonder that I otherwise would never have felt about the moon landing. Whatever controversy aside, this IS a movie about human achievement more than anything else, because this was the pinnacle of it. That's palpable in this movie and I couldn't help but even feel inspired by it.

Armstrong was a danged genius, I had no idea...and didn't know how Aldrin fit into get a behind-the-scenes look at the most monumental achievement of mankind thus far...goddang this movie was great. Very well shot, very well acted...the intensity in some scenes was incredible...not only was it not boring, I could have stuck around in that world a bit longer.

The moon landing...never really thought about it, never really cared...and then this movie came along and I'm actually appreciative of being able to see it...and be able to appreciate this event in a way I never considered.

Great movie!


Armstrong was too boring to build a movie around. The technical aspects were sound.


Armstrong's story WAS the movie. It's not boring at all, and showed a human side to what people saw as an emotionless super skilled pilot, to know what he was going through in his personal life.


Entertaining but totally full of shit.


I thought it was an excellent film - though I think it's more about Armstrong as a man than Apollo as a project. I've also seen In the Shadow of the Moon and Apollo 11 recently which are also excellent but in completely different ways.