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It deserves to be doing better at the box office

I saw this one yesterday. It's a solid 7.5/10--that's a pretty good score for me--and a beautiful movie on a multitude of levels.

There's some great cinematography here, a good score, and it provides an interesting look into the state of exploration of South America in the early 20th century.

The movie also felt, for lack of a better word, multi-faceted. I expected almost all of the movie to take place in the jungle. But with the way it divides it's time between the jungle and England, with a bit of wartime coverage along the way, I felt like I got to see multiple good stories play out.

The cast also does a great job as well. Charlie Hunnam was a great choice and this movie, for me, just proved that he has a lot of range and can do some serious acting.

I wanted to make sure to support this one financially, because Hollywood is really not giving us many films like this. It was a bit of a gamble and I said, "okay, I have to get out and give them my money for this one." By purchasing a ticket I was making a statement of sorts.

I fear it may not have helped much, though. I am finding differing box office figures for this one, but all of them are under $10 million. I am not sure what the film's budget was, but < $10 million does not seem good and this is EXACTLY why we keep getting mostly Transformers and superhero films.

Hopefully this movie will manage to make money in the long run, after it's hit video and all the TV deals have been made.


Yeah... i wish people would risk going to these movies more often... i really liked it...

i've tried to keep the habit of watching these smaller, adult-oriented movies in theatre... i'm glad i did, this one looked great on the big screen... there was one part where they intercut between london, a train ride and the jungle; very cinematic!

James Gray, the direector, has always made pretty interesting movies in an oldschool way... i hope he gets a chance to make a few more


i've tried to keep the habit of watching these smaller, adult-oriented movies in theatre

Yeah, it's easy to just go see the big movies on the big screen and leave the smaller stuff for home viewing. There's an indie theater just a few blocks away from my house, which is actually where I saw Lost City of Z, and there is nary a superhero film in sight. I'm trying to make more trips there and give them some more support.


I read the book and loved it - this movie had no exposure


I actually read the book after I watched the movie. Great book, highly recommended.

I thought the movie served as a good adaptation, even as it swerved at times from the true narrative.