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Why Must American fiction and Hollywood Always Descend Into Violence and War?

Doctor Strange really seemed to be going somewhere at first. Despite its coked up, attention deficit disorder, in your face pace where you can tell the director has no sense of subtlety or timing, it still ended up descending into violence and war. Violence and war, violence and war. I know it is what should be to be expected from comic books but it is BORING ALREADY! Hollywood and popculture is OBSESSED WITH IT! It is endless. Just about every other movie these days is about the same BS. It's no wonder you're all out of your minds. Violence and war, violence and war, boring as heck. It is no surprise there are so many school shootings. The thing that is completely whacked about all this is parents think because it is based on comic books, you know cartoons right, they think they should be taking their kids to this. You're all out of your minds. Anyone arguing with this, sorry, you're out of your mind, you're probably a nut.


Violence exists in movies from other countries as well.



So in your view, a good comic book movie is where Doctor Strange and Dormamu "talk out" their differences, share a campfire song and then Dormamu consumes the world, along with humanity.

Yeah... that'll put people in the theater seats.