Will it bomb?

Like a weak 'Fall Guy' 28m opening, 80m domestic total, 200m ww total
(MM:FR had 45m opening. 150m domestic total. 380m ww total)

For the 'average Joe' movie goers they might struggle with these:

-No Mad Max (in favour of female 'Mary Sue' badass 'Madame Max'?)

-No Charlize as Furiosa

-fake looking 'green screen' deserts in trailers (in contrast to real deserts in FR)

-Hemsworth sequel 'curse' (MiB, GB)


It made $10M opening weekend! That is insanely impressive and a huge chunk of cash! I hated the trailer but with an opening like that this is already in profit ie a big hit financially.


Wow only 58m total over wkend WORLDWIDE! (only 25m domestic!)

This going to struggle to get to 150m total ww! Maybe even 100m!

This is going to make The Flash look like a mega blockbuster!