Wow. Just wow.

While I applaud people with the gumption to make their own films, one has to wonder what was going through the production teams' minds when making this. I find it hard to believe the film was made to be taken seriously. The stormtrooper blasters alone push the whole thing beyond the realm of ridiculous. I'd like to think that Platoon of the Dead is supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek send-up of the genre. Actually, I have to think that; the alternative -that this is a serious film- is just too mind-bogglingly bizarre to contemplate.

PotD doesn't make it into the category of 'so bad it's good'. I certainly don't hate this film, it's almost amusing in places. But if you have friends who haven't seen it and you want to keep them, let someone else recommend it to them.

Having said that, and considering none of you are my friends, I suggest sitting through it at least once. :P


I think they were trying for "so bad it's good," and it would have worked, if they weren't trying for it. You can't try to be bad, that defeats the whole purpose of laughing at it.

At first I thought it might actually be an all right flick cuz of the first scene with the guy with a branch through his chest - I thought that was kinda amusing how he kept screaming when trying to remove it, also when he got shot in the head by Setting 1 on the laser gun. But yeah, my erroneous hope was quickly dashed all to *beep* after that.

They should've made it a comedy. Or put funny parts in it. And bare breasts. Can never go wrong with those.

But.. Jesus Christ, what were they thinking??

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