THis is the worst movie i have ever seen in my whole life, so bad i love it. The guns? pew pew pew? a zombie war? everyone seems so clean, the commander is a rocker who wears eyeliner lmao.

I've heard of inconsistencies but this movie is absolutely retarded. Its like a 3 year old discovery daddy's camera, fair enough its worth watching once with friends. I really hope this is meant to be a comedy.

Pure comedy gold.




This was definately the WORST zombie movie EVER! Why did they do this? Why? The laser toy guns were an insult to the viewer "pew pew pew". The acting was deplorable and embarassing (G.I. Joe Sgt. and Hillbilly Commander), the script was juvenile("...any of you have a light? I guess i'll take that as a no..."), and the "special effects" were a joke (peanut butter blood, and the Nintendo Duck Hunt "laser" guns). Koodo's for them making a movie...A for effort but still Two Thumbs Down!

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I guess you havn't seen Zombie Lake yet :D


I have Zombie Lake and compared to this it's watchable. I liked how the idiot calling for assistance had the cellphone upside down.


Really? In ZL the zombies - who live under water - are trying to kill each other by choking! And the scene with the zombie gnawing away on the throat long enough for the fake blood to disappear?

Nope - ZL is hands down the worst zombie movie I've seen.


It all falls apart within the first minute. I love how when the one dude takes the walkie talkie (cell phone) from the dead solider he holds it upside down while he is calling for help.


Man, there are so many things wrong with this movie. I'll give them some props for at least getting it made, but there's so many things take kept taking me out of the movie.

The first character you see, Dillion I think his name was, has the rank of a major (as denoted by that gold cloverleaf on his uniform), but he's only a private. He doesn't even have his last name sewn onto the uniform either, which is also strange. Holding a cellphone upside down was pretty funny too, probably why it didn't work lol.

The sergeant has no rank on him at all. This is how a private E-1 is shown. An E-2 or E-3 would have some kind of rank on them. A sergeant, E-5, should have 3 chevrons on their collar.

The third army guy seems to have lieutenant rank on him, but judging by his long hair, I doubt he's even in the military (first thing to go on him would be that long hair if he really was an officer). At the very least they should've kept him from letting it come out of the braid.

None of them are also wearing any real field gear. Real soldiers would be carrying at a minimum, an LBE or LBV to carry extra magazines/grenades/a canteen, and wearing a kevlar helmet on their head. It seems only the last army guy had something like it on, so it makes you wonder why they would send that platoon out in the first place.

I also found it unintentionally funny that the guy who was impaled in the branch only had blood near him. If it really did impale him, there should've been blood all over the branch where it first entered him.

The Star Wars laser blasters kind of threw me out of the movie too, and they were about as accurate as the stormtroopers as well, seeing as how most of the people/zombies shooting them couldn't hit anyone either most of the time.

This is probably something to watch if you want to know how not to make a zombie movie, unless this was supposed to be a parody. For touting zombies so much, they sure don't show them very often.

That random lady that got killed about halfway through was also kind of weird, and didn't add anything to the movie for me. It would've been more believable if it was one of the surviving platoon members, and he's badly hurt before getting devoured. I'm surprised no one in the house even bothered to check it out, as she did let out a pretty loud scream.