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how did the movie end? (alternate versions/endings)

how did the movie end in your version that you saw?


The version I saw in the UK cinemas had Jay's character fall off the cliff to commit suicide due to his lover driving off the same cliff.

According to someone else on this link

it shows that Linda was alive all along and after he jumps off the cliff,
the ends up in the ocean below and is reunited with Linda.

which version did you see?


SPOILERS. I saw the "under water meeting", the India version. I saw it in the US before Ratner finished his version. I think, but not sure, that the meeting under water was a symbol for meeting in heaven. They were both dead. Sorry to conjure up for you this shocking image.


thanks for clearing that up


I'm happy with the ending the movie had even though it was terribly sad. However, i would like to see an alternative ending when and if it ever makes it to US dvd release.

the alternative ending should obviously keep them both alive and are happy :)