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I just saw the trailer. An American's opinion:

Are you guys out of your freakin minds? The words did not sync with the lips. I could not tell if this was a romantic movie or a chase thriller. There was no chemistry between any actor. There were 2 great stunts but the rest seems like a student production. Maybe this is how Indian movies are and I am missing something. If so, please explain.


"The words did not sync with the lips."

Did you watch the original trailer or the remixed version? I know for the remixed version that there was some synching problem with it.

"There was no chemistry between any actor"

I don't know how you can determine that just by looking at a movie trailer.

"I could not tell if this was a romantic movie or a chase thriller."

The first half of the movie sets up the romance while the second half is where all the action sequences take place.


I'm an American, and I saw the original Hindi version in India. I don't even speak much Hindi, but I still loved the movie. The two leads have incredible chemistry, and the whole movie hinges around that fact. I thought it was great.


Kites was a good fun movie.


I'm an American who has discovered bollywood movies on Netflix, and I agree this was a very enjoyable movie. I saw the original Bollywood version and the remix on Netflix and I enjoyed them both. But I enjoyed the remix version better because I felt there were a lot of unnecessary scenes in the original. I thought the two lead actors had incredible chemistry and they looked wonderful together. Since I got Netflix I've been watching a lot of Bollywood movies and some are hit or miss, but I enjoyed this one. My only criticism would be the ending. What a terrible way to end a love story, but I could see it was an updated version of Romeo and Juliet and I guess there was no other way to end it. Peace.


" There was no chemistry between any actor." How did you get that from just watching the trailer? Watch the movie before you comment. I thought the movie was very good.

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I am an Indian as well and enjoy bollywood movie even if they are Masala stuff an all. But this one really sucked!

All I see in this thread is that people trying to defend this movie without facts... just because somebody said something about Indian movies! Lol..come up with facts... what was good about this movie. Even an average IQ guy can get frustru looking at the loopholes. There was nothing new in the movie and you can easily guess whats going to happen in every next scene.

Basically it was a really crappy movie. And yes, most of the Indian movies I watch these days are like this. Either there some really good one like Wake up Sid.. or really entertaining like Mithun/Rajanikant movies!
Rest all sux...


I'm sorry Jayesh, but if you read carefully, people are defending this movie, and WITH facts. It's kind of hard to take you seriously when you trash films like Kites, Kaminey, and Rocket Singh, but say that you loved De Dana Dan and thought it was hilarious.

"Even an average IQ guy can get frustru looking at the loopholes."

What, you didn't notice the loopholes in De Dana Dan then?


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