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What are people comparing this movie to when rating it poor?

I have seen many Bollywood movies and in my opinion this is rather good compared to all the other blockbusters that comes out of Bollywood. This movie had a coherent plot, good acting, good production values, good editing and was rather entertaining. When people give this a bad rating, what are they comparing it to? I see a lot of other Bollywood movies here on imdb that have a higher rating than this movie that are filled with plotholes, bad acting and most of all less entertaining. So please help me. What are you ranking this against?


it shows tht u hvnt seen any bollywood movies...

and abt the ratings of hindi movies on imdb, its all fans of the selected few bollywood stars


I was particularly referring to the Bollywood "Blockbusters". I am aware that there are lots of good independent films that have been released in the recent years which I have also seen.

But I want to clearly distinguish between the blockbuster from the independent films because the viewer base for both these kinds of films is different.

That is what is confusing to me. Why is it that some really bad blockbusters have such good reviews while a movie like Kites which is a decent movie gets a bad review.

Ok, so I understand that the users here at IMDB may be responsible for the skewed ratings on IMDB, but how do you explain the bad ratings from the critics and news media?

Looking at the media, it almost seems like herd mentality. One reviewer comes out with a particular type of review and the rest follow. The viewers also seem gullible to this. They don't seem to have a sense of their own often rejecting a movie because the reviewers and the masses have given up on it often not even giving it a chance.

I have seen many reviewers who have tried to justify why this movie isn't bad, often being bashed by other people. Which finally leads to the person to retreat and accept that he movie is indeed bad.

Please help.


I agree. I've seen a lot of bollywood movies good and bad. This one is no worse than Singh is King or Dhoom 2 and I do not see anyone bashing those films.


Thanks sadams39. Other examples are No Entry, Wanted, Baghban, Tere Naam, Ghajani, Fanaa. What makes these movies superior over Kites. Why hasn't anyone bashed these as they are Kites. Why do these movies have such high ratings over Kites.

But going back to my previous post, I may have even digressed a little. Could any of the bashers please explain what you did not like about the movie? Did you not like the story?

If it is the story you did not like, would it would be right to call the movie bad? There are lots of people behind a movie, that includes cinematography, screen play, acting, dialogues, script, action sequences and stunts. I don't think just the story could make a entire film bad. I can think of lot of other movie stories that I don't agree with, does that mean I call the movie horrible even though technically the movie was superior to lot of other movies coming out of Bollywood?

I still don't get why the backlash against this movie? What is it about this movie that is making people say such horrible things about it?


Well, i do dislike some of the films that you mentioned but part of the reason some of those are better is because that they have a story while Kites does not.


Fans of the Khan - Aamir Shahrukh and Salman give high rating to their films but give low rating to all other actors, regardless of whether or not they are good.
My name is Khan got a 7 rating and it was a steaming pile of crap! Anyone who gave a 10 for that film, must be retarded.


Thanks for your reply kyzasoze2003. I understand that Aamir fans and Shahrukh and Salman fans are skewing their movie ratings. But what happened to the Hrithik fans. Where are they? Why arent they voting for this one and skewing the results of this movie too? I am sure Hrithik has many die hard fans. Do they also think that this movie is so bad that they are not ready to support him on this one. That puzzles me too. What is it about this film that has caused himm to lose his support? This movie is not that bad.

Still looking for answers.


I don't know where the Hrithik fans are or what made them not support this, but I believe it may be that it was so-overhyped they were expecting alot more.

I'm not a Hrithik fan and don't look at much bollywood films because I find most of them are pretty awful, so I don't see them to avoid disappointment. I went to see this because it sounded interesting, different and I was willing to give it a chance. The promos looked good. Visually it was stunning. There was alot of hype.

In the end it was OK, not bad, but not great either. Probably a 6.5, but I expected more. Still, it was far better than MNIK which made me want to throw up and vow never to see a SRK or Karan Johar film ever again. Actually, it's better than alot of other bollywood films and is probably one of the best of the year - that's not saying much when you look at the crap bollywood puts out. Both Barbara and Hrithik gave good performances and it was great to see a film that was a break from the norm. It's just that, it should've been so much more. According to a friend, the Brett Ratner (Remix version) was alot better.


Kyzasoze2003, I would agree with you. I would give this a 6.5 or a 7.

I watched the full version. I went into the theater thinking I was buying tickets for the remix version, that is the version I really wanted to see, but found out only after I bought the tickets that it was the long version. Even though I have watched the full version, I would still like to watch the remix version when it becomes available.


"I understand that Aamir fans and Shahrukh and Salman fans are skewing their movie ratings. But what happened to the Hrithik fans. Where are they? Why arent they voting for this one and skewing the results of this movie too? I am sure Hrithik has many die hard fans. Do they also think that this movie is so bad that they are not ready to support him on this one. That puzzles me too. What is it about this film that has caused himm to lose his support? This movie is not that bad."

I'm also puzzled about this. Hrithik does have a lot of die hard fans. I thought the problem was that they had sky-high expectations from the film. It's been in the news for about two years. There was a lot of coverage of the preview going to the Cannes festival and the fact that it would be remixed by a popular American director. It also stayed in the news as it kept getting postponed.

However, even Ghajini had a lot of hype going for it. Aamir hyped that movie up like no other. Yet, it did amazing business even though it was a substandard product. If you look at the Ghajini imdb page, you will see a ton of posts saying it was the best movie ever and better than Memento. ???!??!?

Kites was very well-made and I'm glad it's gradually getting its due by the U.S. critics.


a_o874, I completely agree with you on Ghajani. Ghajani had plot holes the size of Texas. The movie is ultra violent and yet, it did so well with the Indian audience. The acting also was sub-par. That is the reason I started this discussion thread. What is it about Kites that the critics and audience hate. It can't be the plot or the acting because Ghajani shows that plot and acting don't matter. It also shows that an over hyped film can do well, so what went wrong with Kites?

It is probably the same critics and the same people who ranked Ghajani with high a scores who are now ranking Kites as average or below average film.

I am still looking for an answer.


Thanks for your reply niks_foonts. But could you expand a little? Why do you say that Kites does not have a story. I think the movie has a good story and the characters are not one dimensional. All the characters in the movie are flawed. They characters are human unlike characters from the many other blockbusters that I have mentioned above. The characters make human mistakes and see consequences of the mistakes they make.

I also think that the film maker took a chance with telling the story in an unconventional way - with a non linear timeline which of course has been used in many movies and is not new. The film maker also took a chance with subtitles which is rarely seen in Bollywood films. This movie also takes a chance with casting a foreigner as a main lead.

Another thing I really liked in the movie is that the actors that are chosen to do the film are actually multilingual. The characters are not too far fetched and once again not one dimensional. Those characters are not stereo typed as they are usually in a Karan Johar or Aditya Chopra film.

I think there are lots of good things going on for this movie.

Could you please justify why you say some of the other movies have a better story?


There is no story beyond the obvious. Girl meets boy, they run. Caricature type villains chase them and then they die. What happens in between, we get these ridiculous car chases in which we see them escaping on a hot air balloon and then pushing cars off the truck without the truck driver even noticing. What's more, why the villain is chasing the hero is still a mystery. he was after Natasha and he knew what happened to Natasha before J did. I also didn't understand the love story. I felt nothing for them. The villains were the height of one dimensional. The guy playing the main villain is a terrible actor. I did like Hrithik but that was it. I mean the ending made me laugh. J gets shot badly in las vegas, then he drives all the way to Mexico bleeding and then jumps into the sea.


niks_foonts, I thought the story line was typical of other blockbusters that have come out of Bollywood. Yes, the story line was nothing special. Most blockbusters have story lines like this. Why should this be any different? But my question to you still remains, why do the other Bollywood blockbusters do better with poor scripts and poor acting while Kites is being trashed?

Some examples: DevDas, Ghajani.

DevDas has a 7.5 rating on imdb. The movie in my opinion is a lot inferior to Kites. There were many aspects of it that were just mediocre at best. The acting was not up to par. The dialogues were super cheesy. The sets are not even close to being historically correct. The actors (in this case Jackie Shroff) could not even pull off a successful Bengali accent. The story line from the actual book had been changed. The film was too long and not edited to a proper length and the movie was kind of boring.

As another example, Ghajani. The movie had tons of plot holes and big ones at that which don't even come close to the plot holes in Kites. The characters (the lead actress in particular) were one dimensional and the movie was filled with cliches. I could almost predict the dialogues as the film rolled by. The movie was also ultra violent. But even then the critics and the audience gave it a thumbs up.

In my opinion, Kites was much better than these. Now, I am not saying Kites should get a 10/10 rating. My rating would still range between a 6 and 7 for it.

But why all the negativity for Kites?

From my discussion with cs_sahil on this same thread, I think it has got to do with peoples expectations. For some reason, people had their expectations way up for this movie for whatever reason. Reading your comments, it seems like your expectations were also very high which were probably not met. Do you agree?

At the end, this movie is doing well with the cross over audience (from looking at the Rotten tomatoes rating) and ultimately that is what the movie makers were after I would presume.


Come on. Dev D was a masterpiece compared to this. Dev D was at heart an Indian movie based on an Indian tale. It was at least trying to be something different. Ghajini i admit is a ripoff but the love story at the core of the movie was ten times more touching then the love story i Kites. And if i may say so, Asin the actress in that movie was far better than Barbara Mori. This movie was as pretentious as it gets. The story of this film is that of a 1980's bollywood film and it tries to act as if it is some fancy hollywood film. And this is why it fails to be either. A big reason why this film has such a poor rating and has flopped so badly is because it really just doesn't connect with the audience. A large majority Hrithik fans have been disappointed by this film too. The last time he took a two year break he came up with Jodha Akbar which was a really good film in which he gave an award winning performance. This film just feels hollow and empty.


Hey niks_foonts. I just want to clarify that I am talking about DevDas with Shahrukh Khan and not Dev D. with Abhay Deol.

Yeah, if you really think Dev Das is a masterpiece, then I think your tastes and my tastes in movies differ considerably to a point where I think our discussion around movies is futile. And also that fact that you think Asin's acting was better than Barbara Mori's shows me that you are looking for something different in a movie than I am. Everyone's taste in movies is different and I can certainly not argue with my opinion on Kites being right over yours. You are entitled to your tastes and I can see why you did not like Kites at all.


Sure, we can agree to disagree. This film's main problem that i had was that i felt nothing for the leads. i didn't even care that they died at the end. When a love story has that problem then its obvious that the film has failed. This was a common complaint about this film. My friends are die hard Hrithik fanatics and even they thought the film had no emotional connect. That's why i believe that the film has not worked at the box office.


Yeah, you may have point there. But I got a little teary eye at the end. :-) I guess it all depends on the person watching. Maybe that is the reason movie making is a difficult business.


Come on. Dev D was a masterpiece compared to this. Dev D was at heart an Indian movie based on an Indian tale. It was at least trying to be something different.

I hope you are talking about Anurag Kashyap's Dev D and not SL Bhansali's Devdas, because if you really meant SLB's Devdas, then your quote is laugable at best. SLB's Devdas was terrible with the usual hammy acting of Shahrukh, an over-glossy look, and Ash was supposed to be poor? She looked richer than the average Indian! Madhuri looked like the richest prostitute ever! SLB's Devdas was just all gloss and not soul. I couldn't wait for Devdas to die. No wonder there were people laughing and walking out at the screening for the Oscars. It was an embarassment for Indian and rightfully wasn't short-listed. Bimal Roy's Devdas is the best of the original versions. Anurag Kashyap's take, Dev.D was an excellent interpretation set in a modern seedy-side of India.

Ghajini i admit is a ripoff but the love story at the core of the movie was ten times more touching then the love story i Kites.

I was disappointed in Ghajini and Aamir made himself look stupid when he said it was better than Memento. I didn't find the love story in Ghajini more "touching", it was just typical bollywood. We see it all the time.

The story of this film is that of a 1980's bollywood film and it tries to act as if it is some fancy hollywood film. And this is why it fails to be either.

Yeah, it does seem to be past it's time. Maybe audiences have grown up. Most I've spoken to seemed to like it, but disliked the ending. With the ending, it reminded me a little of QSQT - Aamir's first film. *SPOILERS* The ending was like "Oh No, she's dead! What am I gonna do now? I know what..I better kill myself! Good-bye cruel world!"

A big reason why this film has such a poor rating and has flopped so badly is because it really just doesn't connect with the audience. A large majority Hrithik fans have been disappointed by this film too.

What country did it "Not work at the box office"? I know in UK and US it has certainly done well. The audience was the "cross-over" audience they intended as there was quite a few non-indians there. There were a few Spanish teens sitting near me and they seemed to enjoy it. It's not a flop.

One of the reasons this film has a poor rating because Aamir and SRK fans keep rating it low. Bollywood fans on IMDB are really quite sad. You should've seen when MNIK was released it had a lower rating in the first few days but the Shahrukh fans were upset and started creating like ten accounts and rating it ten every time because they wanted it to enter the IMDB top 250. Pathetic! Same with Aamir's fans only it did briefly enter the top 250 with 3 Idiots.
In the audience I saw it with, Kites did seem to connect. The chemistry was great, the story was quite OK, at least they didn't copy a Hollywood film. The directing was not too good and the script could've been better. The pacing for the first hour was bad, too many slow lovey-dovey scenes, slowed the film down. But there was character-building, which is missing from alot of bollywood films. Indian audiences may not be used to that. It still isn't a great film, but not so bad either. I believe this film was over-hyped way too much, that when released, it didn't live up to the expectations.

And another thing. Hrithik should NEVER attempt to sing again!


Oh my goodness - you were only waiting on one bad review for Singh is King? Well, wait no longer! I think even Plan 9 from Outer Space was better than Singh is King! Terrible, terrible, unwatchable movie. I can tell you, in the U.S. you could never get away with showing opening credits for the first 20 minutes of the movie. It was an incoherent, poorly written, poorly filmed awful mess. (The only good part was the rooster chase.) Having seen many Bollywood movies over the years (although admittedly I am 2-3 years behind because they only show in two theaters in the entire San Francisco Bay Area), believe me, it suffered by comparison to so many other "real" Hindi movies.

I saw Kites yesterday with my 25-year-old daughter and we both thought it was very entertaining. Hopefully Hrithik will show up in her Netflix queue. I think she understood after seeing it why I have been calling Hrithik the most beautiful man - and one of the most talented - on the face of the earth since the late 90's! I think he is in better shape now that he is in his 30's than he was when he was younger, and just as gorgeous. San Francisco is the one U.S. city that got the whole movie; I understand different, shorter versions are being shown in other cities. It was a little too long, but hopefully it is the crossover hit for the Roshans we have all been waiting for.

I thought Lagaan was an excellent movie, too. However, it is hard to compare the two in terms of crossover appeal in the American market, simply because Kites explores universal themes and Lagaan's basic theme is Indian politics, something most non-Asian Americans know nothing about.

I also agree with the comment about so many Bollywood fans not wanting to acknowledge anyone but Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan as the top stars. They are both excellent as well. I think you can compare Aamir and Hrithik somewhat in terms of sex appeal (Dil Chahta Hai!), but Shahrukh's appeal is much wider and of a different type. There is room for ALL of them to be admired and appreciated by us, the fans. I think each actor and each performance should be judged independently.

By the way, I am a middle-aged Caucasian female who grew up in the South, so I have no dog in this hunt! My opinions are totally honest and unbiased.


Thanks for your comments hawk-58. The funny thing is that the movie is getting better reviews here in the US than it is in India. Indian audiences are rejecting it while international audiences are enjoying it. I have read several American reviews of this film calling it entertaining and giving it a decent rating. EW has given this a B- and movie is still at 89% fresh on rotten tomatoes. With these kinds of good reviews from the international media it appears that the movie has succeeded as a crossover film.

The question still remains, why is the Indian audience rejecting it. Perhaps for the following?
1. Multilingual film with subtitles
2. Non-linear story telling
3. Foreign actress as one of the main leads
4. Expectations of public was too high/unreal
5. Too few songs and dance sequences


for me kites was not such a bad movie but strictly an average fare....okay i agree that the movie was very well directed and the performances from the actors were good but the soul of movie was not there,it was supposed to be an epic love story but i didn't find any love in the movie,every sequence in the movie seemed had very weak basic plot and at least for me this is a main reason i found kites a very average movie....and all the movies u mentioned in the previous post like no entry,tere naam they never promised a path breaking cinema,story line in those movies was completely illogical but those movies at least entertained and that's the thing which was expected and in the case of kites it was neither entertaining nor the plot was flawless...
the reasons u mentioned,my explanation for those:

1.Dances with wolves,city of god,battle royale are some movies in my all time favs and these movies were multilingual films with subtitles,so this is not an issue for me....
2.movies like pulp fiction,memento,prestige all had non linear story telling and i loved those movies
3.foreign actress as one of main leads can't be an issue
4.yaa expectations were really high but thats not a bad thing for a movie because that gives a movie very big opening and if it strikes with a chord then a movie goes on with good box office collections
5.Too few songs and dance sequences,recently i watched bollywood movie love sex dhokha with no song and dance but even then i liked it...
so in my opinion kites was very well made movie but the script let it down and this is a main reason indian audience rejecting this movie rather than any other reason


Thanks for your feedback, cse_sahil. From your comments it seems like what you are saying is that since this movie was promised as a path breaking cinema, your expectations were set high. Since your expectation was not met, you are giving it a bad review.

Are you also saying that you would rank movies such as Tere Naam, No entry and Baghban lower if they had been advertised in another way? Also, are you saying that if this movie, Kites, was not publicized as a path breaking movie then you would have ranked this higher?

I would gather then, that the reason for this movie to get bad ratings is completely on the advertisers. If they had advertised this any other way, this would not have tanked.

Was this movie publicized as a ground breaking/ path breaking movie in India? I did not get a chance to see any of the promotion for this film so I don't know.

When I went to see this film I did not have any great expectation at all. I went into this movie thinking of it as any other Bollywood movie and was pleasantly surprised.

After seeing this movie, I can only say that the makers of this film were trying to make a cross over film. And seeing the ratings on Rotten tomatoes, I believe they succeeded. I am not sure if they were really trying to make a ground breaking film.

Everyone's definition of an entertaining movie is different so I won't argue about the fact that you did not find this movie entertaining. That could be a fault of this movie. This movie may have diverged from trying to being entertaining to the mass audience in India. Maybe their focus was the international market and again, just by looking at the ratings on Rotten tomatoes, I think they succeeded. Agree?


yaa...may be my expectations were too high from this movie but seriously the script was not up to mark,there were so many loopholes seemed to me that the roshans made this movie just to relaunch hritik and this time for global audience....
but every body owns its individual opinion and i respect no worries :)


I think that is the big reason for the bad reviews on this movie. The movie was hyped so much creating high expectations for it. At the end, it is a standard Bollywood fare. People are ranking it based on the expectations they had for it.

Thanks again for your comments and your participation in this thread, cse_sahil.


You are spot on!

It was very well marketed for the Indian mass market but the movie itself was highly inspired by the Hollywood/ European style of movie making which led to its failure in mainland India alongwith the various points put by you.


(spoiler in review.)
As a NRI, I think a lot of it is from a lot of factors. One of them is hype, Hrithik has not been in a Blockbuster for a while now (compared to like SRK who is in a new movie every few months it seems..). People were probably expecting something big like Kaho Na Pyaar Hai or something. Also, that I can think of, this is one of the few movies that has one of the lead actresses not only be a non-Indian, but one who speaks no Hindi or English. The closest we've gotten to that is Katrina Kaif who is mixed, but she can fake speaking Hindi pretty well. This movie probably caught a lot of Indian people by surprise because of the lack of Hindi, and not to mention that ending... It wasn't happy enough, and Bollywood movies practically ALWAYS have happy endings.

I think it was pretty different from any mainstream Bollywood movie that has ever been put out there. (Slumdog doesn't count, because well, it is not technically Bollywood.)

As far my own views on the film... I liked it. Yes, it was a little cliched and cheesy, but I honestly felt like Hrithik and Barbara had amazing chemistry. The cinematography was beautiful, and I have to say I like how realistic it was. Not everyone spoke perfect Hindi, and that's how it's supposed to be! Some of the characters were apparently supposed to have been raised in America... Of course they're gonna have an American accent! I think the major thing lacking was the musical score... it wasn't the best.
I would give it a 6 or 7 out of 10. SO much better than the recent stuff Bollywood has been spewing out.


madiha_xx, I am with you on your take on why this movie failed. You made some good points. And also like I pointed out before, the Indian audience is probably not accepting this movie because of:

1. Reading subtitles through most of the movie.
2. Non-Indian actress that does not speak any Hindi at all
3. Unrealistic High expectations for the film
4. Lack of catchy tunes and dance numbers
5. Non-linear time line

As I am reading through the other posts on the site, it is becoming apparent that the above mentioned points are the reason for the mass audience to not like this movie (particular #1, #2 and #3).

Like you say, the movie has some cliched and cheesy parts, but you expect that from a Bollywood blockbuster. It wouldn't be a Bollywood movie without some of it. That is one part I like about Bollywood films, total escapist cinema.

I am glad I am not the only one that things that this movie isn't so bad as most people are saying.


number 3 is somewhat unfair. Hrithik himself has set high standards for his films so its not unreasonable to have high expectations from his films. I don't think nonlinear time line had anything to do with it. There have been plenty of films in India which have been successful with non linear time lines. 3 idiots which is the highest grossing hindi film also has a nonlinear time line. Its also unreasonable to expect the audience to take it lightly when a movie promoted as a hindi movie turns out to have only 15 minutes in Hindi


When it comes to languages, how about Hollywood movies that are not in English (or at least majority of it is not in English). Prime examples: Inglorious Basterds, Dances with Wolves, Avatar, The passion of Christ. Do you feel the same way about these?


Its the way its marketed. Its misleading marketing. And some of ur examples are not quite the same. Avatar is majority english. Inglourious Basterds had a good mxture of englsih and english subtitles are far easier to read then hindi subtitles. The others i have admittedly not seen. But Kites was marketed as a hindi movie and one of the truths about the hindi movie audience is that in India, not many people outside the metro cities can read or understand english, let alone the spanish. It like ordering an indian dish at a restaurant and getting a pasta instead. I think the indian audiences have good reason to be angry. Of course, this wasn't the reason why i didn't like the film. I know english and a bit of spanish so i was able to follow the language.


But that is just my point. Just because people don't want to read subtitles, it does not make the movie bad. Maybe the audience rejects it, like in this case, but this movie cannot be labeled as a bad film because of subtitles.

I am hearing phrases such as "this is the worst movie ever". I completely disagree with that. This is certainly not the worst movie.

I think this movie should be commended for the new things that it has tried which has not be tried in other Bollywood movies. It has taken a chance. Maybe it backfired due to the tastes of the masses but coming down to it, as a film it is certainly better than lots of other blockbusters coming out of Bollywood.


I am hearing phrases such as "this is the worst movie ever". I completely disagree with that. This is certainly not the worst movie.

I think this movie should be commended for the new things that it has tried which has not be tried in other Bollywood movies. It has taken a chance.

I agree and I hope there's more films that take this turn. They tried with making a Bollywood-China crossover with "Chandni Chowk to China" but that failed and it's easy to see why. But at least they tried. Taking risks and breaking from the norm, is the only way "bollywood" would grow. Otherwise all they'll do is make the same old, same old and copy Hollywood films, passing it off as their own work. As such, the audience would remain limited in their thinking and tastes.

Maybe it backfired due to the tastes of the masses

The masses are asses. Whatever they love, I hate. e.g. Karan Johar, Singh is King, etc. Whatever they hate, I love. e.g. The films of Anurag Kashyap.
In India, they don't recognise world-renowned directors like Satyajit Ray and wonder why the rest of the world likes him. Yet, they wonder why Sanjay Leela Bhansali's films haven't won Oscars? Cultural differences?...I don't know. How about not recognising talent.


kyzasoze2003, I am with you. I have found myself to be the sheep out of the herd. I frequently get into arguments over films coming out of India and I seldom find people with the same sensibility as mine. I find myself to be the odd one out.

At the end, I would urge audiences to keep an open mind and to go give this movie a try. The film makers have tried something different and should be acknowledged for their efforts. Only by us giving movies like this a chance will we provide encouragement to our film makers to take further chances and be more creative.

This movie isn't as bad as the ratings on IMDB claim it to be. I am not claiming this movie to be a master piece but it is certainly better than lot of the usual blockbusters coming out of Bollywood.


There is nothing different about this film. The basic plot and events in this film is rehashed from at least a dozen different bollywood films. The only difference is that instead of an Indian girl, the leading lady is a Spanish girl.


==== SPOILERS ====
Well, first of all, when you rate a movie, it is not based on comparison with other movies but instead on how much you enjoyed the movie...
Personally, I enjoyed the movie till the middle, but after that it became annoyingly boring.. They could have done a much better job on the story and the action scenes.. the ending was awful... and many things didn't make sense... for example: Why does Jamaal betray Tony (the guy he works for) and help Hrithik? From where does Hrithik get a machine gun after Jamaal dies? Why doesn't Hrithik accept Barbara when they first met and got married? Why does he wait for a millionnaire to marry her and then kind of kidnap her away? Even if you ignore all that, you can't ignore the stupid story... You watch Hrithik walking and walking and walking only to finally jump off a cliff and die... LOL :-P


ejazyaseen, I agree with you that the movie has flaws, but which Bollywood blockbuster doesn't? What I am trying to STILL determine is why people are trashing this movie.

How can the audience rate this as 5/10 when Dev Das gets a 7.5/10, Baghban gets a 7/10, Ghajani gets a 6.8/10, Tridev gets a 6.2, No entry with a 6.7, Tere Naam with 7/10? Most of these movies have a bad plots. These movies have giant plot holes, cheesy dialogue, bad acting and are rather loud.

At least this one has some good acting and technically this movie is good.

I know, some folks here at IMDB have defended some of the movies that I have listed, but their arguments don't help explain it. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying I did hated all the movies I listed but I don't think that they are that great either. So why the bias? What kind of standard does the audience have?

The best explanation I got is that "Masses are Asses" (from a posting earlier) and I am going with it. People just follow the crowd. People have given up independent thinking.


"The best explanation I got is that "Masses are Asses" (from a posting earlier) and I am going with it. People just follow the crowd. People have given up independent thinking."

You're right. It seems to be the only explanation of what makes up the top ten grossing Bollywood movie list:

1 3 Idiots
2 Ghajini
3 Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
4 Dhoom 2
5 Om Shanti Om
6 Krrish
7 My Name Is Khan
8 Lage Raho Munna Bhai
9 Housefull
10 Welcome

I can seriously say that more than half of these movies have no business being at the top of the list.


I must confess that I am a fan of Hrithik and I didn't like this movie. To answer your question what did I compare it with. Well nothing really but I had certain expectation from a Hrithik movie. I was one of the few who loved Lakshya and also Guzarish. A movie that was shot outside India that came in my mind was Qurbani from Firoz Khan in 1981. The story of Kites was pointless. However, mostly I was disappointed by casting of Barbara Mori. She is very ordinary and did not live up to the hype. The whole story was kind of pointless. Songs were nothing to remember. A pointless story with little entertainment value.

Khaya piya kuchh nahi. Gilas toda bara aana.


1. Plot was coherent but writer & director killed it before even kickstarting it properly.

2. It was no way near Hrithik's best. It was very average performance. Barbara Mori's character was horrible and the villain was utterly *beep* Other actors too performed badly.

3. After spending so much, they did a fair job in its production & editing.

4. It was very dull and not at all entertaining. Script was badly flawed and so was the screenplay.


3 Idiots is junk compared to Kites

I've seen 500 Bollywood movies, and the only ones that I liked (which didn't feel like some B movie parody) were

1. Kites
2. Fashion
3. No one killed Jessica
4. Kahaani
5. New York

For most Bollywood movies, don't bother with the movie at all, just get the soundtrack and watch the videos of the songs on youtube!
When a year is over, watch all nominated and winners of National Film Awards and that's it! Life is too short to spend it watching some 3rd grade parodies. While Bollywood movies have nice musical parts, screenplays and directing are almost non-existing!


TomS and Siddharth, I like so much about this film and was so glad to see both of your remarks and support for ir. Sad to say it might fade into oblivion due to it's lack of following in India and the difficulty with getting it known in the west. Maybe Hrithik's next film will get him attention and people will watch it after that.


I totally agree with your opinion. True, this movie bombed at the box office, but the acting, music and editing were all really good. Hrithik once again lived up to his top-notch acting. So, I don't see a reason of this movie being so much underrated when movies with worse script, worse acting and worse direction have got better ratings.