India not ready

I see this movie getting bashed everywhere I was in India last month. My cousins to Shekhar Suman to online jokes and such. I usually don't enjoy bollywood films but I thought this movie was phenomenal. I don't think India is ready for these kinds of movies so its understandable why it'd get thrown away and marked as a failure.

Its a concept art film and its to be taken like that. You can't go in there and make literal sense out of the plot, dialogue, etc, because it'll be tedious and boring just like most art films and black comedies out there. The things to look for are subtle symbolism thrown in (hint: the name of the movie itself), the direction, and other motifs. After talking to a few relatives in India, none are aware of any such phenomena in the movies and don't generally look for or care for that.

TLDR: India is not ready for movies like this yet; maybe just a small % will appreciate it but as time goes on, this will change as people will get bored with the same run of the mill masala movies.


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I agree with you