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Why this movie was poorly recieved in Romania

The reason this film is not regarded as a good movie in Romania, not only by critics but by others as well is simply because it is shot in a western style. Not as in Cowboys and guns but as in a western world style. Romanian critics like movies that are of the "new wave". That means: Shots that are sometimes minutes long, Direct sound capture in any environment, still shots and the list goes on and on. Really, it only makes movies feel like we're watching a filmed play. It just rips appart the essence of film making and hinders the almost infinite capabilities of the camera. There would be a lot to say about this that could fill a book. The bottom line is, I guess, that we, romanian film makers are trying to do something that will be very different from the rest of the world and we're not doing it right. The funny thing is that everyone keeps wondering why our movies do not have a lot of success... well... So, sometimes someone does something that follows this "western way" of making a movie and while people outside Romania think its a good movie, critics here spit on it. I guess that we need to learn that "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" but we're still pushing and pushing more and more into stupidity and into the rudiculous.

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Because it was crap?


I don't think this is the reason. The reason this is a good movie but not great is the over exaggeration of the theatrical style in what could of been an amazing storytelling movie about the Stalinist period of post World War 2 in Romania. Instead it falls short trying to combine too many styles into one, it looses focus yet delivers an above par performance and story. Good movie overall but sadly its a bit short of great.