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I'm calling the plot now

Girl is told not to hunt by tribe, because women are oppressed. After training herself, by watching the males training from the sidelines, while she was being oppressed and washing clothes, she goes off and defeats the mystical bear, after being told "NO! it is not possible for a "girl" to do it, because us men have all failed to do it. It is impossible for mankind!". With a Californian accent she smirks and says, "Now it's time for Womankind".
No man in the tribe has ever come close to defeating the vicious BEAR. But she does with ease, minor hardship, BARELY and inconvenience. Pred see's this, is impressed.

While she's out hunting at the patriarchies behest, the tribe is murdered by the white man. Pred also see's this and joins forces with her to defeat the evil white man, who is led by the white evil hunt leader called Bonald Bumf. (because it was written 5 years ago, and the writers think everybody in the world cares about US politics)

But before that, Bumfs second in command is Pervey Bernstein, who manages to capture her and tries to get creepy in his tent house. He promises her stage roles at the theatre in the big city, he's going to make her a star, he plies her with wine, they have a drinking competition, and she pretends to be drunk, but outdrinks the fat perv who is thrice the size of her. She kills him, and escapes. Pred see's this and is impressed.

It shows Pred that women are the true warriors of Earth and should be known as Qweens from birth because of their oppressed status, but being able to overcome all the hardships life throws at them to become the boss bitches they really are. Pred see's this and is really, really impressed.

To subvert expectations they all have a big tea party at the end, no final action scenes.

All the male characters are pig headed, arrogant, sexist, mysoginist, dumb. The Pred is revealed to be a woman at the end. Hurrah for the sisterhood!

Before release without prompting, the writers explain their already heavy handed message, declare that they are true feminists, and deflect any criticism of the film as being racist, sexist, and you hate women because you're incells. They even set up a few fake Twitter accounts to send death threats to the female actors, making sure the news outlets are notified whenever it happens. They loudly claim that Women are not just sex objects and do not need to be desired or porked by men to be worthy, but you can't get laid so you're a loser.

They proclaim that they despise Predator fans, and say this film is made for women, not men. When it bombs they blame men for not turning up because they're sexist.

I walked out of the cinema in shame, walked up to the first female employee I saw and apologised for oppressing her with my toxic masculinity by ordering her to give me a ticket, and apologised that I held back her right to vote a hundred years ago. I also remove my Trump vote, even though I don't live in the US and don't care about US politics.

Predator also makes an appearance in amazons Lord or the Rings show, because why not.

Later, later the writers are convicted for raping one of the child actors after plying them with drink in their hotel rooms, it comes out they have a history of sexual misconduct, and mistreatment of women.



You need therapy


You mustn't watch many movies or shows lately. It's perfectly in line with current trends.

It writes itself.


Prey 2 predicted.