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Movie of the year...and that year is 1986.

This exact movie could have been made in the Ninjamovie heyday of the 80s. Except for the fact that the cars are newer and Sho Kosugi is absent, there is not much in this movie to differentiate it or further the genre. Basically the same plot is present: former good student goes bad and kills his master; the underdog good guy who was always not-quite-as-good-as the bad guy somehow avenges his master's death in the end after the obligatory drawn-out fight scene. The only thing unacceptable is that the bad acting/predictable story in the Ninjamovies of the 80s seems to lose its charm in 2009. Maybe credit young teen innocence allowing me to enjoy those movies back then, but I guess we all have to grow up someday. Too bad the producers of this film haven't.

On a scale of one to ten I'd give it a five. It's more like, "Eh."


I agree with this completely. I enjoyed the movie, but it was eighties era B-movie fare. It's far more campy and far less gory than Ninja Assassin.


I'd still rate this movie higher than Ninja Assassin which bored me to tears. The fight scenes in this movie, even though they were just as over the top as in Ninja Assassin, were fun to watch and you could see waht was going on. Ninja Assassin relied on the all too common frantic cuts and editing which distract from the action. I hate that style of filming, it needs to die.


Zatoichi will kick the asses of both these guys (Rain and Scott Adkins) even if pitted together against him.

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That's the great thing about this film! If has the feel of a vintage Golan-Globus ninja movie from the 80's. It was everything that Ninja Assassin wasn't.


LOL! I agree with the OP. I thought the same thing while I was watching. this could have been "enter the ninja" and I'm sure the filmmakers found inspiration in that and other 80;s ninja films. this one had some good fights but really fell flat. the acting was bad, really bad on all counts and none of the actors really had any screen-charisma to keep you interested in watching them. I can still get into the 80s stuff despite or perhaps because of it's high cheese-factor but this movie just lacked any sort of charm. for the record I liked ninja assassin and zatoichi more than this.

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I think they should have used Ben Stiller instead of Scott Atkins. I would've made for a 'different' feel for the movie. They kind of resemble each other too.


I loved that this movie was a total throwback to the 80s!

1) The basic storyline between Snake Eyes and Stormshadow
2) Ninjas winning in fights where they are severely outnumbered
3) Uniformed henchmen!

It was actually pretty fun despite it's flaws.



Well the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow storyline was probably stolen from Enter the Ninja, where the Caucasian ninja student is loathed by the Japanese student, and their rivalry turns deadly.

And this was most likely taken from Eric Van Lustbader's novel, "The Ninja", which helped to kick off the 80's ninja boom.

Except that Lustbader's villain, Saigo, takes Storm Shadow, Sho Kosugi's character from Enter the Ninja, Braden from Revenge of the Ninja, Shredder, and the villain from this film, and makes them all look like G-rated pussies.

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My first thought was "no way, Rambo II and Commando came out that year!" but it turns out they were both 1985.

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