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What about the 'light projector device'?

OK, maybe spoilers here

Near the end of the movie, Snake asks "Is anyone still hiding something?", and a few seconds later he throws a yellow pillow up in the air. In slow motion, the pillow uncovers the light/stars projector device thingy that the guys use to watch/imagine themselves with Miki in a musical sequence.

Right after the pillow unhides the device, Guru and Oda exchange glances for some reason.

Now, way back in the movie, there's a scene in which Guru is showing the guys his collection. Specifically, he's showing Miki's magazines pictures, "Playboy Moon Series" I think. In one of the pictures she is holding what appears to be the same light device (it also appears in the trailer).

And at the very beginning, when Guru enters the flat, the projector thingy is already there, covered.

I realize that I'm doing about the same thing as the characters in the movie, and I'm pretty sure the director intended to get this kind of reaction. But I was wondering, did I miss something (or maybe didn't get all the info from the subs, since I don't speak Japanese) that made reference to that device earlier in the story(sorry I don't know how you call that thing)? That slow-motion was too obvious.

Anyway, great movie.