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He never contradicts his main audience

He is followed mostly by right-wing MCU haters,and he is pretty smart,he knows how to make money,so you can always predict how his reviews will be:

- Marvel movie: it will sucks,because "the message!"

- Movie/tv show with minority leads: it will sucks because "the message!"

- Movie/tv show with a male lead,from a indie director: it will be good,because "no wokeness!"

Like,he recently criticized Rings of Power and Black Panther 2,and probably they even really suck (i havent watched them) but,seriously: does anyone thinks he was "allowed" to like them?? Imagine if he for some reason liked them,and made a video about that: his audience would criticize him so much! But he has books and merchandise to sell,so he plays it safe and gives his audience what they want: video where he makes fun of those products. Also,him like other right-wing youtubers,were ready to criticize also House of the Dragon and accusing that show of wokeness,they made videos against that show a few weeks before the show came out. But,when they saw that the show was actually liked even by their main audience,the right-wing people,they immediately changed opinion and made positive videos about House of Dragon. Him and other youtubers like him,change opinion based on what its convenient for their buisnesses.


Rings of Power of power truly deeply sucked )))

He does give good reviews to things he likes. He cant review every movie because why would he. Youtubes often review movies that are being advertised in press. When there is hype - people will click to see opinions.

I dont always agree with movies he likes. But that his personal taste and I have mine. No one can agree on everything.

When there are good movies with non-whites in lead and no wokeness - he wont criticize it. Youtubers criticize it when there is very obvious diverse hire out of charity. And usually those movies and show suck because woke people cant create anything good.

Everyone were ready to criticize House of Dragon. But it wasnt as bad as everyone thought it would be. So they gave positive reviews.

It can make impression that he criticizes only movies with diversity hire and wokness. But its because he choses bad woke movies to do that. As his audience likes to hear reviews on bad movies.


He sounds genuinely surprised any time he likes ANYTHING coming from Hollywood these days.


He's not a reviewer or a critic. He's a content generator for a specific audience that likes being told what they already want to hear.


I recall him liking Blade, a marvel movie with a "minority lead".

The "message" is a real problem with modern..culture.

Pretending otherwise is not rational.