1st post for me.

so nobody have seen this movie yet?

some stories are quite good, but a few are too short.


Just caught it. I especially like the one with Eason Chan, I thought it would make a good ghost story, didn't really expect the twist at the end of the segment.

The one with Gillian Chung and Stephy Tang, the look on Stephy's face at the end, I couldn't come to a conclusion if she was envious of Gillian, ashamed of how she had treated Gillian or she was simply upset with her single mother life. Or is it a mix? What do you think?


can't believe my post is the only one.

yeah. the ghost story was really funny. i liked it.

the second story was basically about how fate can change abruptly and unexpectably. Gillian was supposed to lead a miserable life after pregancy and hookup with a gang-life lowlife boy, but she prospered and succeeded. it's quite an ironic story about life itself.