In my opionion, this movie was too sensationalist. It's true, the problems (condemnation of murderer's family, ruthless media, internet spurred craze etc.) this movie deals with exist to some extent in Japan (and elsewhere). But in my opinion the movie only exploits and is not a genuine approach to deal with these problems. It's all put together to make a good thriller, but hardly a genuine drama.
I could go into detail, but first I would like to hear others opinions in general. What was your impression when watching this movie?

Concerning the main topic of this movie (family of a murderer) I would like to give some recommendation:
Tegami (japanese movie from 2006):
Aisiteru (japanese tv-series from 2009):
Of course these are dramas, not thrillers. And in my opinion with a more genuine approach (although far from perfect) on the topic.

Anybody know of other (japanese) movies dealing with this particular topic?