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Andy Serkis Says There Is A "Mind Blowing" Twist In This Film.

In a groundbreaking posting technique I am not going to link to article quoting this but simply serve this information up to you as a fact, which you may choose to believe as you see fit...

However, he did definitely say this. My thoughts on the matter are that it almost certainly will not be a "mind blowing" twist at all but rather the spaceship from the first film coming back and landing on the Planet Of The Apes Earth. I suspect everyone suspects this was going to happen at some point, so hardly mind blowing if it is indeed that.

But that got me thinking - What "mind blowing" twist could a Planet Of The Apes film come up with at this point?

For me, the only thing (well the best thing) I can think of is if that Spaceship landed (as expected) in a clearing in front of the full ape army and after the steam (why is there always steam?) slowly subsides from the descending opening door, who should pop out but Mark Wahlberg with a CGI Charlton Heston by his side!

"You'd better watch yourself motherf---as!", Marky Mark would declare. "Me and my bro here take care of dirty great apes like you!" Then it would cut to a CGI Chuck who'd say nothing but the final shot of the film would be a zoom in on him as he removed the huge cigar he'd been chomping on and cracked a smile.

The house would come down!

Now, for me, that would be a mind blowing twist. What have you chaps got?


Agree the return of the ship would hardly be 'mind blowing' to fans whod be expecting it in this film or a sequel (but its probably what he meant), however to be truly mind blowing it'd have to be a tie in to the OG films somehow, as you say we'd see the return of Charlton Heston (probably not anything more than a CG cameo) or maybe Mark Wahlberg (and then he could become the human lead) with a brief exposition of it being to do with multiverse timelines etc and we'd somehow crossed into the original timeline or the Burton timeline

The way films are doing 'big swings' these days with crazy/out there 'I cant believe they doing this' fan type stuff (SW 7/8/9, SM:NWH, Dr Strange, Bond, Top Gun, Jurassic World 3, Indy 5, The Flash, Ghostbusters, Deadpool3 etc) and esp now multiverse/crossover stuff is in vogue, it wouldn't be impossible to imagine they might do something that tied direct into the OG films or Burtons 2001 remake (probably saved for the end shock twist, maybe an end shot setting up next film)


Taylor (Charlton Heston) and Zira (Cornelius’ wife) had an affair and the person that steps out of the spacecraft is their son!


Bet you didn’t see THAT one coming!


>> Taylor (Charlton Heston) and Zira (Cornelius’ wife) had an affair and the person that steps out of the spacecraft is their son! <<

I believe someone actually pitched that in one of the early 70s movies. The "half human/half ape offspring" twist was vetoed by the studio because it implied bestiality had taken place.




I think they'll surprise us and truly throw something unique out there that makes all of us in the audience go "HOLY ----, I did NOT see that coming!"

It's one of the best known attributes of the franchise. I'm still mad that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) didn't have any kind of crazy "twist" at the end.

2011 was great, the fact there's billions of humans on earth but only a couple hundred thousand apes in the world would make it impossible for even super intelligent talking Apes to "take over" UNLESS about 99% of the human population was SUDDENLY wiped out... which is exactly what happened DURING the end credits :-)

The darkest "twist" was Charleston Heston detonating the H-bomb and blowing up the entire planet at the end of "Beneath" though.

And the "clever" one that was indeed "unique" but made ZERO sense was Marky Mark rushing to Washington DC at the end of the POTA remake, only to discover the Lincoln Memorial is a giant Chimpanzee statue.


Now the movie was released, what is the twist?


Mae is a Skywalker


And she is in love with a female ape.


Don't give away spoilers! I'm seeing it this weekend!


There was no twist.


Apparently the mind blowing twist is ... there is no twist.


While the twist wasn't nearly as good or effective as Rey being a Palpatine, the twist here was clear. The secret path into the bunker and Mae then meeting up with other intelligent humans.


>> There was no twist. <<
>> Apparently the mind blowing twist is ... there is no twist. <<

I just saw the film in theaters a few hours ago, and there IS indeed a twist at the end. It's at very last scene, and there is no post-credits "reveal", but a twist at the end of movie like the original 1968 movie.

I won't say what it is, but it was a little different as most POTA twist endings are very bleak and depressing. This one wasn't.

Planet of the Apes (1968) had an now iconic twist at the end. If you don't know how it ends by now, I presume you must be living under a rock, or maybe living with the bomb worshiping mutants at the end of the second movie.

Beneath (1970) had a "well, that was super depressing" twist ending.

Escape (1971) had a "well, that's a downer" twist ending.

Conquest (1972) had an anti-climatic twist ending, because the original ending was deemed too militant.

Rise (2011) had a brilliant mid-credits twist ending that solved the problem of how the heck apes take over the world when humans outnumber then 200 to 1. War (2014) had a subtle twist ending that revealed something very interesting about Maurice.

Planet of the Apes (2001 remake) had a "WTF just happened?" twist ending that made no sense, and the general consensus is that was NOT a good thing.

The only two POTA movies with NO twist at the end were Battle (1973) and Dawn (2014), which IMO was a letdown both times (though Dawn was still an overall good movie, while Battle sucked throughout)


Just saw this and yes, the mind blowing twist was that there was no twist...

What a twist!


somehow all the guns disappeared in america


EVERYTHING has a "mind blowing twist" in it these days. Also, the second someone tells you in advance that there is a "big twist" that half dilutes the twist in the first place. You watch it, thinking, okay, what is this "big twist?"


Sometimes "big twist" is you watch it, thinking... that's it? That's the big twist? Whooaa color me unimpressed