Sarah's Horsey Dance

For a mostly dramatic film about a serious subject (mental illness) there were some great comedic moments (a hallmark of Duplass Brothers films). Sarah’s drunken horsey dance is one of the best bad dances I’ve ever seen—up there with Elaine’s little kicks from Seinfeld. Alison Brie is a wonderful comedienne and she really commits to an absolutely bonkers dance that made me laugh out loud.

The “Baker’s Dozen” conversation was also great.
Brian (Post Malone-wannabe describing his album): There’s 12 tracks. That’s why I call it A Baker’s Dozen. It’s a concept album.
Darren (his roommate): So there should be 13. Is there like a bonus track or something?
Brian: A dozen is twelve. It’s a concept album.
Darren: I’m sorry, have you ever been to a bakery?