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The Boston Globe didn't mind the No Screen ID approach!

Critics, who aren't familiar with The Chelsea Hotel, or its history, not to mention its past and present inhabitants, were a bit irked that Ferrara didn't ID his interviewees onscreen, using names, tags or what-have-you.

Well, esteemable reviewer Ty Burr of The Boston Globe wasn't so bugged by this somewhat glaring omission and here, he states why:

Ferrara interviews a great number of longtime tenants, artists, shut-ins, and whatnot. Who are they? If you have to ask, I guess you don’t deserve to know, since “Chelsea on the Rocks’’ doesn’t bother with on-screen IDs. Whoever they are, they have their own tales to tell of boho grandeur and degradation: The couple making love on the fire escape, the crazy man who slashed the lobby paintings, the lady who fell asleep with a pot on the stove and was subsequently drowned by the fire department.

I am going to see the film and have fun determining who I can recognize and whose faces, I can't.