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I wanted to see this but I'm afraid it will be similar to...

'Rachel Getting Married' which was truly horrific. I only want to see it for Winon Ryder but her role doesn't even seem to be big, is it?



the story of this is nothing like rachel getting married. i recon the only similarity is the low budget.


I really hate it when posters do headers like this. Why can't people just say what they have to say without the lead-in that ends with ...?

I hate to say it but...
Is this like...
One thing that bothered me...
OMG that was so cool when...
This reminds me of...

It's right up there with TYPING IN ALL CAPS.

There, I feel better. Nothing to see here, move along.


Very good, mkb-7.

There's nothing like a good and precise subject line, like:

Is it similar to "Rachel Getting Married"?

But, as a lot of people using e-mail know, good subject lines must be learned. So, dear OP, no insult intended, but exercise your skill in subject lines. Thank you.


dear OP, no insult intended, but exercise your skill in subject lines. Thank you.


I do hope they got right on that!

It probably changed their life.



I never dreamed of seeing Rachel whatever, nor do I have the arrogance to lecture you about proper subject line etiquette.

I feel comfy responding to your legitimate questions by opining, after seeing Pippa Lee at the (Fall) Philadelphia Film Festival, that this is a very interesting movie. Well written, casted nicely with one exception (IMO--Alan Arkin WAY too old especially in the flashback sequences).It held my interest and attention even after having seen one other film the same day.

Though Winona's role was relatively brief as to screen-time, and she did not have to really stretch in her performance (playing herself perhaps?), it was very enjoyable and I'm certain will satisfy her fans, especially as part of a fine ensemble and eminently watchable film.


This film is much better. Not as pathetic and pretentious as 'Rachel'.


This is a good movie.. i was surprised myself.. Anyways, Robin Wright did a terrific job.. as well as Maria Bello and Monica, Blake as well.. and Keanu's in it too so.. It's really good..

Oh.. Winona's character's not that big so i can't judge.. ;-)


That is exactly the movie I thought of during the screening. Okay, perhaps not quite as awful. What throws you off is that there are moments just like in "Rachel..."; however, on the whole, the picture has nothing much to say and says it pretty badly. That's unfortunate because the cinematography is excellent which makes it look good. The casting, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired. Julianne Moore would have been much better as the lead, because no matter what, in all her roles, Robin Wright Penn never manages to look happy. There's always that underlying sadness or depression which is why the younger Pippa is so much better; she's vibrant and expressive, and if this picture earns any awards, it would have to be for her as best supporting actress. All in all, a lot of major talent was wasted in this tedious film.


The way I see it, Julianne Moore would have been too cold and hard to play this part. The woman is obviously a great actress, but she has this air of porcelain around her. She was perfect in her own role, though.

IMHO, Robin Wright Penn was much more suited than Julianne for playing a slightly weary, beautiful-yet-ordinary middle-aged woman, while still giving her character a quirky edge. As for the sadness - it was supposed to be there!

All in all, I liked this film simply because I loved the main character - relatable is just the beginning. I think they succeeded especially well in showing how you still have the same essence in you as a grownup and a mother that you did as a girl, and how the mother you had will effect what kind of mother you will be.

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"Robin Wright Penn never manages to look happy. There's always that underlying sadness or depression".

Thank you luckyfay! I know she's a great actress, but couldn't put my finger as to why I don't enjoy watching her.

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In response to your question: no, thanks God, it is nothing like Rachel Getting Married.

I've also saw this film mostly because of Winona, and although she has a minor role, she delivers a great and hilarious performace.

Besides, this is a great film, with rich performances and a great cast.

I give it a 9/10